What Easy Mouthwatering Appetizers to Make for Parties?

Appetizers have a wide range of uses and various forms. According to their properties and types, they are generally divided. First, a single type of cold food, such as smoked salmon, meat sauce and melon. Second, a selected seasoning mixed cold basin, there are three types of seasoning hot head pots. In some countries, appetizers divide into five basic species. As the first dish of the whole meal, the chicken tail pot is usually made of seafood, meat, fruit and fruit juice. Generally speaking, all kinds of juices should frozen before they can serve. For example, seafood basin, fruit basin. Third, the assorted salad or the assorted head basin is also the first dish of the whole meal. It is usually made by mixing various kinds of food and put into the divided plate. Include all kinds of pickled vegetables, pickled fish, smoked fish, brewed eggs, etc.

Pre-meal snack is a special appetizer. First, that is often eaten before dinner and used as pre-meal appetizer. Second, sometimes it is also used as the food of cocktail party. And also buffet party to help the digestion and absorption of alcoholic drinks. Third, snacks before meals can be either hot or cold, but the hot ones must be hot and the cold ones must refrigerated. When serving snacks before meals, the shape should be small. So that guests can eat with toothpicks or small meat forks. Appetizing snacks before meals, no fixed dishes, any pickled seafood. Meat, fruits and vegetables, such as oil-soaked small silver fish. Oil-soaked sardines, oil-soaked tuna, fresh oysters, smoke oysters. Shrimps, crabs, pickled Sweet Pepper, pickled cabbage flower. Sour onion, caviar, various sausages, ham, salted meat. Salted fish, green olive, brewed olive, meat sauce and various cheese products, etc.

The “New” of Cold Dishes in Appetizers

The “new” of cold dishes starts with the new raw materials with good quality or local specialties. First, local chefs or suppliers can communicate and recommend them. Second, master their advantages and characteristics, and then cook them. For example, master and his team tried pigeon. Third, wild mandarin fish, four red shelled peanuts. A specialty of Songyuan city, Jilin province, and so on. So, they developed new dishes with these ingredients. Alberto uses rare cod lips, which belong to live meat. Besides, the meat is smooth, tender and firm, and the unique ingredients can cook a new unforgettable taste.

Generally, there are appetizing salad, foie gras, caviar, or baked snails. If there is no other first dish, the soup can also use as the first dish to eat. That can be roughly divided into four categories. Also, clear soup, cream soup, vegetable soup and cold soup. Chicken tail snack, or wine-accompanying snack, is also a special kind of appetizer. This is often eaten before dinner. And sometimes use as food in cocktail party to help digestion of alcoholic beverages. Besides, chicken tail snack is a kind of small, semi-open sandwich. It is the same as the snacks before meals. Yet, the difference is that the chicken tail snack has a base made of bread, toast, pastry, cheese. Put the smoked salmon, small silver fish, caviar. All kinds of hot and cold cheese, hot and cold meat, fish, dairy products on the bottom tray.

Sour Fruit and Pickled Vegetables in Appetizers

Sour fruit and pickled vegetables refer to fruits and vegetables. They are with various spices, such as various pickled radish slices. Carrot rolls, vegetable strips, brewed olives, green olives, pickled vegetables. The Spanish mackerel in the salad has strong aroma and salty taste, so many people love it. Mandarin fish is a common ingredient in traditional Italian or other Western cuisine. It is also very suitable for the taste of oriental people. The salty and crispy taste of Caesar salad makes people eat one mouthful after another. Let’s try it now! 150 grams of lettuce, 4 pieces of mandarin fish, 1 piece of toast, 1 big spoon of Parmesan cheese powder. Caesar salad dressing: 1 Dan Huang, 2 big spoons of white wine vinegar, 4 big spoons of olive oil. 2 tablespoons of par meson cheese powder, 1 tablespoon of granular mustard sauce. And a little salt and pepper.

Toast Ingredients: 1 small spoon of garlic juice and 1 small spoon of parsley powder. 1. Wash the lettuce and put it in cold water. 2. Cut the toast into small pieces and mix it with olive oil, garlic juice and parsley powder. 3. Put the mixed toast pieces on an oil-free pan and fry them until they are golden and crisp. 4. Put egg yolk and olive oil into a bowl and stir well with an egg beater. 5. Pour white wine vinegar, lemon juice and par meson cheese powder into the bowl in step 4 and stir them. 6. Add the granular mustard sauce into the bowl in step 5 and mix well, then add a little salt and pepper. 7. Cut the mackerel into small pieces that are easy to enter. 8. After putting the lettuce on the plate, mix the grilled toast pieces and mackerel.

Traditional Appetizer–Devil Egg

Traditional appetizer — devil egg. This dish named because it is often made and eaten on Halloween. Boiled eggs are most common ways to eat eggs. Boiled eggs seem simple but knowledgeable. If the boiling method is improper, it will destroy the nutritional ingredients of the egg. If the boiling method is proper, the nutritional absorption rate of the boiled egg can reach 100%. Wash fresh eggs, soak them in a pot filled with water for one minute, and then boil them over low heat. This is to prevent the eggshell from bursting during the boiling process of eggs. After boiling the eggs with a small fire, boil them with a warm fire for 8 minutes. Don’t boil for too long. Otherwise, ferrous ions in egg yolk will have chemical reaction with sulfur ions. It will form ferrous sulfide Brown precipitation. Thus hindering the absorption of iron by human body.

Boiled eggs do not need to take out immediately. Then taken out after 1 to 2 minutes, or put them in cold water or cold water to cool down for half a minute, which is easy to peel. To prevent bacterial infection, it is inappropriate to put it into tap water.
【Key material] 1 teaspoon of original yogurt, 2 teaspoons (15ml) of salad dressing. 1 teaspoon of mustard sauce, 1/4 teaspoons (1.5g) of black pepper powder and appropriate amount of salt 【Key practices]] 1. Prepare materials. 2. Put a proper amount of clear water into the pot and boil it, (the water should not exceed eggs) Put the egg into water and add salt and vinegar to boil for 10 minutes. 3. Take out the boiled eggs. And immerse them in cold water and cool them down to remove the egg shells; Cut the eggs into two halves.

Classy Appetizer–Parma Ham

Appetizer Platter. A variety of delicious pre-meal preparations. It is very suitable for informal occasions. Eat “grass” while talking and sipping delicious cocktails. You can eat appetizers at any time of the year. Nothing can be more refreshing than the mountains of food. Especially Italian sausage, smoked ham, olives and cheese! The content of the platter varies from region to region. That means assembling the platter has great freedom. There are no strict rules. You can match them according to your taste (or the taste of the guests) and the ingredients you have at hand. The most common ingredients on the platter are as follows!

Parma ham. The star of the appetizer plate. Sweet and salty Italian smoked ham, has both butter flavor and elasticity. And is a successful combination, especially when matching cheese and full olive. Fresh Italian cheese. We like to use fresh mozzarella cheese to match our appetizers. Especially when it has a unique shape, this platter will attract more attention. Roasted onion. You can bake onion and flavor it perfectly… Or you can open a onion can to get the same result! Tender onion is the staple food of appetizing dishes. But getting onion in the season is a tricky thing, which can only get through cans. Also, the contents of Western appetizers are generally divided. They are into cold head plate and hot head plate. And the common varieties are caviar, goose liver sauce, smoked salmon. stewed cup, cream chicken cake box, baked snail, etc.

Fresh Sashimi Dish Appetizers

Parma made by steaming, frying, boiling and so on. You can try to improve and innovate the ingredients or dishes of this kind of appetizers. By using cold dish making techniques. For example, the sweet and soft taro is soaked in orange peel honey juice for 12 hours. That is fragrant and promotes appetite. Pay attention to the steamed taro for 30 minutes. Since the time is not too long, otherwise it is easy to loose shape when making cold dishes. Put the shredded orange peel of appetizer into water. And boil it with slow fire for 30 minutes, then take it out and soak it in honey juice to make it into tasty sauce. Mix different ingredients to create a new sense of novelty. And try a combination of various tastes and smells. Alberto suggested not to cover each other with a particularly heavy flavor.

Fresh sashimi dish appetizers are usually very popular. Innovative ways can change seafood sashimi into vegetable juice. And put it on the broken ice plate. The shape is exquisite and pleasing to the eye. “drink” instead of “eat”, turn solid into liquid with aftertaste. And artistic conception is also one of the ideas. Traditional appetizers are mostly cold dishes, dry dishes. And the shapes are neatly sliced. Now you can use more cool soup. Such as distiller’s grains, fragrant grains, mixed vegetables. Small seafood with mixed juice will be more popular. The first appetizer of “vegetables and fruits” before the meal, cold melon, and papaya. These 5 colors of juice are cool and delicious. Under the baking of dry ice, bright colors, ice sculpture. Smog also create a comfortable dining atmosphere.

A Creative Appetizer Suisine Method

Molecular cuisine makes the appetizer taste light. It is one of the methods of molecular cuisine to inject air into ingredients. And it completely change the taste of food. Ordinary sauces can make into novel foam forms. Generally, foam makers, siphon bottles will use to make foam. Foam can also bring light and refreshing taste and visual feeling. Especially suitable for matching with meat ingredients. Besides, the appetizer with sweet sauce and sweet taste reduces some sweetness. it will also achieve the effect of relieving greasy and refreshing. The practice of cheese foam is full of creativity. This retains the taste of cheese. Also it abandons the traditional thick and sticky taste. When making, put cheese and milk into the cooking machine. And beat them at 70℃ for 12 minutes. After cooling, put them into Siphon bottle. When setting the plate, add the plate with tender pork.

Improve the skills of appetizers. Integrate various modern and fashionable cooking techniques on the basis of traditional techniques. For example, fumigation, low-temperature slow cooking. Mix and match Chinese and Western techniques. Or make new old dishes. And combine common techniques. Such as mixing, pickling, soaking, halogen, sauce. burning, boiling, roasting, fumigating, freezing, honey and so on. It is quite creative to use Thai organic fragrant rice to add jasmine tea. That smoke with slow fire instead of traditional sawdust. Make it healthier and more delicious. Put the smoked fish into a vacuum bag and seal it, steam it in an oven at 62 ℃ for 13 minutes. Slow boiling retains the Q-bomb and nutrition of fish meat to the greatest extent. And the human body is easier to absorb. With shredded ginger and fragrant vinegar, it is fresh and appetizing.

Professional Kitchen Equipment for Appetizers

In the restaurant, I can eat different appetizers and side dishes. In fact, some of them are very easy to operate at home. These recipes can make you have more delicacy when preparing a family dinner. Whether it is a formal set meal or a casual self-service dish or not. It can let your guests or relatives open their taste buds.

For qualified restaurants, you can buy professional kitchen equipment. They are with high scientific and technological content. Then use advanced technology to improve your taste. Vacuum pumping machine, professional low temperature slow boiling machine. Squeezing juicer all plays an important role in making high-quality appetizers. The restaurant’s signature appetizer can make a distinctive taste. Because it uses an expensive vacuum pumping machine. Marinate the peanut. And use a vacuum pumping machine to infiltrate the covered marinade. Achieve a good taste effect. TIPS: The weather is hot and people are easy to get sleepy. Fatigue, loss of appetite and the loss of potassium in the body are relative to some extent. So, eat more appetizers with high potassium content, such as lemon, spinach, banana.

The Secret of Yummy Appetizer

The delicious secret of this appetizer is still timely. Ripe tomatoes picked from the branches, matched with ripe avocados. And served with cornflakes or soda crackers. It became an appetizer that was difficult to refuse in any case. Materials: 1 ripe tomato (diced), 2 ripe Tauren fruit, 50g pickled cucumber (diced). 1/2 green lemon (juice), 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, 1/8 tablespoons of sea salt. Right amount of ground black pepper, 2 coriander (chopped). Right amount of micro sprouts Step: A: One avocado peeled and diced. one pressed into mud, mixed with tomato diced and pickled cucumber diced. B: Mix all the materials and stir. Mix in materials A and B. Stir gently, and then fix the plate with A circular mold with A diameter of 6.5cm. C: decorated with miniature buds.

The ripe cherry tomatoes have a surprising sweet feeling after roasted. Wrapped with a thin layer of pleurotus eryngii. And matched with green sauce. They are very popular appetizers at the banquet. Materials: 1 pleurotus eryngii (shaved into slices with sawtooth Planer), 12 cherry tomatoes. Proper amount of virgin olive oil, proper amount of sea salt. Proper amount of ground black pepper and proper amount of green sauce Step: A:1. Roll up cherry tomatoes in pleurotus eryngii. Then insert and fix them with toothpicks, repeat the above steps and string them into 4 strings. 2. Brush olive oil on the tomato string with a brush. And bake it in an oven preheated to 210℃ for 6 minutes. Then sprinkle appropriate amount of sea salt and black pepper. Next pour appropriate amount of green sauce, which is suitable for both cold and hot.

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