The Most Comprehensive Hair Color Ideas Including Brown and Ombre Colors

Amber brown hair is between linen and mocha. It is very daily hair color will not seem exaggerated. For girls with yellow skin, it can brighten their skin color.

This hair color has different shades under different light. In the warm light, it looks orange brown, like the afterglow of sunset glow. In the cold light, it will turn reddish, which looks like a goddess.

Moreover, the black hair roots grow in the later period right?But it will not be disharmonious with the appearance. It is very suitable for girls who dye their hair for the first time and don’t want to dye exaggerated hair color.

Coral hair color is honey orange with a little pink. It is a girlish hair color in the warm tone. It seems that the spring sunshine falls on the hair.

In the room, the hair color will be a little bit orange. In the light, the pink tone will be more obvious, making people look full of vitality.

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