The Most Amazing and Breathtaking Nail Trends in 2020 to Light Your Year

All kinds of shiny 2020 nails will really make people look at each other. Sometimes a good-looking nail has a certain decoration effect on the whole dress. In addition, nails can also make people feel happier.

Fairy Aurora Color Nails

Aurora nails are really suitable for summer. For the first time, you can add sparkling aurora powder to everything you choose. The overall grade of nails has improved.

And the nails of this style are very beautiful even if they are short nails. There is a sparkling feeling in the sun. The combination of Aurora powder and butterfly style is a must-have nail for fairies!

Elegant French Style Nails

Simple and elegant French nails can really give people a cool feeling in hot summer. Such nails are definitely a salty and sweet style. Transparent color and white edge match, simple and advanced.

You can also choose the very popular transparent color as the bottom color of nails. Which side is more beautiful if you tick silver. Lovely cute girls can also choose such a clean and refreshing color matching as nude color and baby blue. In this way, nails become much more lovely at once!

Macaron Color Nails

I believe everyone is no stranger to this year’s popular color nails. This also means that the color of the classic macaron Milky White will be very popular.

Make a simple solid color. Like macaron blue nails, which is absolutely refreshing and full marks in summer! Cute yellow and Taro purple contrast color with nails, really soft and cute. The nails with milky white and sunshine orange are also very eye-catching.

The color of nails is also particularly important. Different colors of nails represent different seasons and matching colors. You can also choose nails according to your own style. What are the new styles of nails in 2020?

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