Summer nail designs with acrylic nails for girls to catch eyes!

Summer nail designs with acrylic nails are wonderful. The most commonly used nail shapes are long and short square, oval, pointed, round, and fan. You can create a perfect nail shape based on the condition of your hands and preferences. In general, square nails are also a good choice. Summer nail designs with acrylic nails more popular with white-collar workers. The front and sides of the square nails are straight, and the corners are round. This solid shape will give the impression of softness. For customers with obvious joints and long fingers, a square can compensate. square nails, which start at the free edge and end in an oval shape to the nail’s front, are the traditional Oriental shape. Nails break easily due to their small contact area, and Asian nails are thinner and not suitable for sharpening nails—ideal for people with long hands and fingers. Fan-shaped nails are common in water nails and can be square.

We may all be in self-quarantine by now, but the fact remains: Summer is almost here. The means that the number of Insta photos featuring your hands will skyrocket. Now, seeing pictures of your bare fingernails clutching iced coffee, frogs, and ice cream cones isn’t exactly a crime against humanity, but it’s a crime against passion – at least, in our beauty books. While the plain polish is excellent (check out our selection of the gorgeous colors right now), nail designs will earn you double clicks when it comes to photoshoots. (If you’re as obsessed with nail art as we are, we even have plans for specific nail shapes.) So to get your hands ready for their close-up, we’ve broken down the most incredible, most screenshot-able nail designs that deserve Selfie (nail selfie? No? I’m sorry? They – don’t need sweets.

Blue Summer nail designs with acrylic nails

At the end of the project, the system fills in the content P.S. Clean round edges are a great way to show off this nail art. If you’re looking for another, more subtle nail design, try this one. Offset your transparent nails with light blue, then add some floral patterns on top of the delicate nails. If you feel fancy, add some trimmings to make your nails look a little prettier.

Multi-colored nail art for summer

Pull Kylie Jenner this summer and pick a polychromatic like this one. Longer nail lengths are fun for this type of design (and V Kylie) so, push a few buttons and bring the look home 1. Couldn’t you decide on a single color scheme for your summer 2021 nail art? Mix and match your nail polish on each nail until you’re left with beautiful rainbow nails like this. Forget subtlety and opt for this nail design. The combination of rainbows and glitter is nothing new, but these nails are the perfect combination of the two trends. The nail design is reminiscent of 90s trends such as Lisa Frank’s.

colorful nail design for summer

Don’t feel like you need to stick to the basics and be naked this summer. Instead, opt for an OTT rainbow like this. To mimic it, paint your nails just like you would with a French manicure, but instead of using white tips, replace them with colored free edges. Summer has shiny holographic nail polish. Because manicures like this change color in the sun, like having two or three colors on your nails at the same time. If you’re not afraid of asymmetrical nail art, you should try these wavy lines. These stripes curve differently on each pin, providing a 100% unique look.

Summer nail designs with acrylic nails in french tips

Square nails are unique, and many people have fan nails. Arrange a few diamonds on a simple sky-blue and pink manicure to add texture. It’s a classic with some talent. Instead of applying the typical polish to nail pieces, use a nail brush to extend the design. Extend the design down to the nail bed of your choice of different colors. This design’s beauty is that not every nail needs to look the same, so have fun and don’t worry if you mess it up.


There’s nothing like palm trees to show off summer. Instead of picking a neutral nail polish, use two shades of pink nail polish as a gradient. No matter where you plan to go, from vacations to pool parties, you will look fabulous.

Simple and pretty nails

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