Spring nails | Pretty flower short nails design to blossom fashionable life!

Look, we get that flower nail designs are nothing new (cue The Devil Wears Prada reference here), but after months away from the salon, any nail art feels like the freshest thing on the planet. Paired with the fact that floral nail art is usually reserved for the warmer months, opting for some right now actually feels unexpected—even edgy, depending on the kind of design you go for, since there are more ways to wear flowers on your nails than ever. 

Flowers do not always open, but the beautiful Floral nail art is available all year round. When summer comes, you may wish to use this Floral Nail art Design to imagine the magnificent scene of the sea of flowers on your fingers.Almost every girls like beautiful flowers,Today i’ll show you 30+ Best Floral Nail art Designs 2021 ,Floral Nail art Design  is full of romantic atmosphere .

Spring must have classic flowers print. Painting blooming flowers on clean nails is a beautiful and simple and generous nail art.

Light color, lovely and pretty French style. It is a very feminine nail painting

Use UV nail beauty to present the impression of spring. Because this color can perfectly match the skin color and beautiful fingertips, it can show the beauty of independent maturity!

Create noble and elegant French flower manicure with simple and white patterns. Because the background color is clean and clear, it makes people feel that it is a refreshing and generous flower ripple nail art.

Matte manicure with sweet hand-painted small flower manicure is super textured! When I take it out, my hands are better than those of beautiful flowers .matte manicure usually gives people a low profile ,impression, but if it is matched with pink cherry blossoms, plum blossoms and other elements, it will look very gentle and younger! This manicure can not only match a single pattern, but also match flowers in different sizes and locations. It is also simple and distinctive.

Glass light-sensitive nail art is also very suitable for spring and summer ~ it can make your fingers more white, and it can also show your hands with a light look ~ this series of nail art can be decorated with hand-painted small floral flowers on the edge of nail art bed, it looks sweet and green; It can also be matched with a very special water drop flower nail art. Water drop flower nail art is stacked with colored drawing glue petals one flap, with transparent glass light-sensitive background color, the three-dimensional sense will be obvious, and it looks simple and super advanced ~

Oil-colored patterns and slightly larger jewelry decorations add a gorgeous sense of nobility. I recommend it to you who want to be more mature.

The matte pattern painting will not be too childish, and it can also make a small floral manicure popular in relax!

This kind of girly manicure usually uses bright and bright candy colors, with a relatively simple and beautiful five petal flower, so that the overall manicure will not be too messy and have a sweet spring ~