Short and Elegant Fall Nail Designs with Colors in Deep Powder

Girls must be beautiful from hair to fingertips. And the patterns of fingertips must emerge one after another. When it comes to fall nails, I believe all of you are very thoughtful. In this issue, let’s take a look at the most beautiful fall nails and make them beautiful together!

Whether you admit it or not, the Red fall nails really show their aura. In terms of color jumping, stick shiny golden diamonds, and your fall nails will be so beautiful. And that people cannot open their eyes.

Warm Burgundy is the best choice for fall nails. With the bright surface of water flow texture, it adds moisture to the dry autumn. This unique design of fall nails will not “crash” wherever you go “!

In autumn, frosted fall nails must have a name! The foggy dark brown is superimposed with gold foil. As a result, presenting a unique sense of advanced. Such fall nails look a bit like brushed Tiramisu!

Are you still missing the “avocado green” in summer “? The new color “Cedar Green” of fall nails has come on stage! Low-key dark green fall nails make the skin very clean.

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