Rainbow nail designs to light up your Whole Summer nail color 2021!

In the spring, one of the most popular nail trends to try is rainbow nails. For this look, the nails can present any design, but the art will be created with bright colors of the rainbow. It’s a fun and bold style perfect for next summer. We love this colorful trend, so we’ve put together 40 of the best rainbow nail ideas from Instagram. Check it out, and you’ll find fantastic art shadows, glittering nails, vibrant rainbow nail designs, and more. There is a vibrant nail idea suitable for everyone!

These days most of us lead a challenging and boring life. That’s why when you feel exhausted it’s time to change something. The best way to introduce some patterns and color is to paint your nails brightly. That’s why today we’re sharing with you a list of trendy and colorful rainbow nail ideas! Keep reading!

Gentle Pastel color for Rainbow nail designs

If vibrant and vivid shades aren’t for you, you can opt for softer, thinner colors like crayons. Here’s an excellent pastel nail idea to show you how great these colors can be. The nails are painted in different pastel shades that create a light and rainbow look. Each nail also has a silver glitter cuticle design. Try a two-tone look similar to this, or simply paint each nail in a pastel shade.

The nails are clear around the cuticle and then there is a funky rainbow design. It is a beautiful and soft version of rainbow nails and looks almost magical. You can recreate a similar look with a sponge, just dab the colors on your nails to create this light and elegant nail art.

Bright multi color for Rainbow nail designs

Our next nail idea is bright, colorful, and easy to wear. Each nail paint in a different vibrant color, and shades range from green to pink. The colors are opaque, and it’s a cute, funky look. You can recreate a manicure similar to this or use a different selection of colors. Besides, you can also try glossy instead of opaque.

Neutral nail art is in high demand these days, but nail art needs an occasional update. We suggest you opt for a colorful update at a time like this, as shown in the example. With such a manicure, you will be a star wherever you go!

Ombre Rainbow Nail Design

Rainbow acrylic nails are the best way to add some pepper to your life. When you can’t decide which colors to use, choose shadows, so no of your favorite colors will be left out.

we have to show you combine some of the looks to have! Here we have shadow nails and each nail paint in a light shade that creates a rainbow design. The nails decorate with an ombre color. It’s such a trendy and fun look. You can recreate the manicure with similar rainbow colors , and nail foils that can be used to create glass fragments.

Glitter Rainbow nails

The next idea of nails that we need to show you are elegant and sparkling. These nails are long and stiletto-shaped. Each nail was painted in different colors to create a rainbow gradient effect. The look also decorates with glitter. Nails like this will be great for summer! Recreate this two-tone look, or you can use only one different color on each nail.

Elegant White Rainbow nails

It is true that white is the best basis to reflect all the bright colors of your trendy manicure. With such abstract nail art, you’ll look stylish no matter where you are.