Ponytail hairstyles design to make your Summer hairstyle cooler!

Ponytails are a classic and are one of the most popular hairstyles for women in the spring. There are some reasons, but we think horsetails are easy to wear and also versatile. You also can wear a ponytail anywhere from work to a party. It all depends on how the style. To prove that there are fantastic ways to wear a ponytail, we presented you with 23 black ponytail hairstyles that you should try in 2020. There is an idea for everyone’s hair. You will have a hard time deciding which one to try first!

Ponytails have become a must! Celebrities have worn these trendy updates like Kendall Jenner and Bella Thorne. We love this hairstyle because it is a fun hairstyle with a turn, and ponytails can also be worn for any occasion. There are many different ways to create the style.

Bubble ponytail hairstyles

The particular bubble ponytail is simple and trendy. For this look, the hair is styled into a high ponytail and four bubble sections. This is an easy-to-wear version of the ponytail and will satisfy everyone. You can recreate or try to use more or more minor divisions. To keep your hairstyle thinner, use hair elastic bands that match your hair like those in the image.

The two-tailed bubble ponytail look features a bubble version of the classic and pretty hairstyle. As you can see, the hair is divided into a central part, and two bubble horsetails have been created. It’s such a cute and fun hairstyle. This style only has one bubble section, but you can add more. Hair like this is perfect for casual days.

Short ponytail hairstyles

To be honest, the short hair here is a shorter version of the bubble ponytail. As you can see, this only has two bubble sections. The style looks lovely on shorter hair, and you can recreate it or have more bubbles using smaller hair sections. You can try the class even on shorter hair than this, but you will only have a bubble section. This ponytail is perfect for summer.

Braid haircut designs

The next hairstyle is for trending women! Here we have a braided ponytail. As you can see, the result is so elegant. We love this woven combination and ponytail. The braids are also a beautiful dark color and this shade really makes a statement. Hair like this is a must for those who want a complete hair makeover. Recreate this or you can try the hairstyle in a different color. Red would be great.

Loose Weave Ponytail

If you prefer a simpler style, you should take a look at this. Here we have a long, loose ponytail. The ponytail is shaped high on the head and the hair is smooth with a light curl. There’s also an elegant lock of hair around the base of the ponytail. This is an easy-to-wear look and you can dress your hair up or down to suit any occasion. So, it’s great for busy women who just need a wonderful style that can be worn with ease.

Long and Straight ponytail

The tall, straight ponytails have become an indispensable look. The next hairstyle further improves the game because it has unique sections. With a tall, long ponytail, this is a trendy, glam hairstyle that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

Multi Tone Braided Ponytail

Next, we have an idea of a multi-tone ponytail. So, for this look, the hair is haired in a very high braided ponytail. The braids on the head have a fashionable pattern and the braids themselves are a mix of colors. Some are black and some also have a dark and rich shade added to them. As you can see, this multi-tone look is so cute and stylish. You can keep the color change thin this way or add a bolder color. Any color from silver to purple will look stunning.

Two ponytail hairstyles