What Amazing Cakes to Make for Birthdays and Weddings?

Cake is an ancient West Point, which is usually made by oven. The cake uses eggs, white sugar and wheat flour as the main raw materials. Salad oil, water, ghee and baking powder use as auxiliary materials. After stirring, modulation and baking, a dessert like sponge is okay. Cake is a kind of pasta, usually sweet. A typical cake is make by baking. Ingredients of the cake include flour, sweetener (usually sucrose). Cakes with low fat content can replace with concentrated fruit juice). The earliest cake was from several simple materials.

These cakes are the symbols of ancient religious myths and miraculous superstition. In the early economic and trade routes, exotic spices import from the Far East to the north. Nuts, citrus fruits, and figs import from the Middle East. And sugarcane from eastern and southern countries. In the Dark Age of Europe, only monks and nobles could own these rare raw materials. The eating habits of Western countries have also changed completely. Soldiers and Arab businessmen spread the use of spices and recipes from the Middle East. At the end of the Middle Ages, spices had used by wealthy people all over Europe. That further enhanced the imaginative pastry baking technology. When nuts and sugar were popular, the almond sugar mud also became popular. This kind of almond sugar mud could bake with the relief mold of wood carving. And the patterns on the mold were relative to religious admonition.

The Origin of Birthday Cakes

Europeans in the Middle Ages believed one thing. Birthday was the day when souls were most invaded by demons. So on the birthday day, relatives and friends would gather around to give blessings. And send cakes to bring good luck to expel demons. Birthday Cake, only the king could own. He could buy a beautiful cake on birthday. Also he enjoyed the blessing from everyone. Next, we would talk about the origin of the full moon cake. It is inevitable to ask God to worship ancestors and then shave the fetal hair. Adults always hope that the baby would grow up quickly. On the full moon day, grandparents will send many full moon cakes to their babies. They hope that their grandsons can get the scholar, and they will be full in their whole life. With the progress of the times, sending cakes to the full moon means “disheveled hair”.

It said that the wedding cake first appeared in the ancient Roman era. The word cake comes from English. Its original meaning is round bread, which also means “happiness. In ancient times, when the children of the Rich family held their weddings, they all made a special cake. They not only ate the bride and the groom together at the wedding banquet. Also, they invited guests who congratulated them to eat the cake. Guests expect themselves to share the happiness of married couples. Thus, the cake cut on the bride’s head at that time. The guests who are invited to attend the wedding in Europe also have such a habit. Pile up the bread with spice on the table. Let the bride and the groom on both sides of the “bread Mountain, kiss across the mountain. The bread Mountain now also symbolizes happiness.

Black Forest Cherry Cream Cake

Cherry Cream Cake” is more appropriate. Because Schwarz in German’s full name is Black Forest. And Kirsch torte is also the meaning of cherry cream cake. After careful study, Black Forest, is a “cherry cream cake without chocolate”. It said that before ancient times, every time the cherry harvest in the Black Forest area. Except making the surplus cherry into jam, the peasant women were making cakes. They will also put cherries in the interlayer of the cake. Or decorate the cake one by one. While making the cream of the cake, a lot of cherry juice will add. This kind of cake, is of cherry and cream. It will become the so-called “black forest cake”. Because it spread from the Black Forest to other places! The real protagonist of the Black Forest cake is still the delicious and rich cherry!

In the past, there was a case in Germany. Consumers filed a complaint because the cherry content of a black forest cake was too small. So, the German government also made relevant regulations to treasure Black Forest. It must contain at least 80 grams of cherry juice! So black forest doesn’t mean black. And Black Forest cake is not the synonym of chocolate cake! Black Forest is a mountainous area located in the southwest of Germany. From Baden to the south to Freiburg, it belongs to Black Forest area. Even today, you may not be lucky enough to taste this cake without chocolate everywhere. But you might as well pay attention to the small cherries in the cake. Let yourself know the dark forest again, and don’t forget to feel the freshness hidden in the deep taste buds.

The Origin of Vienna Chocolate Almond Cakes

Here we talk about the origin of Vienna chocolate almond cake. It was once the concentration place of dignitaries from “k.u.k Hof-imperial”. That has always been the best Hotel in Austria since then. And it was even selected as one of the best hotels in the world in 1994. There is also a small legend here. That is to celebrate the opening of the hotel and highlight the glory of the Emperor Franz-joseph. Then a cake with special taste baked by pastry chef Xaver Loibner. It was not only loved by the emperor, but also named “Imperial Torte”, and regarded as “sweet greeting”. Taste it. First of all, you will taste the delicious milk chocolate on the outer layer of the cake. It melts on the tip of the tongue with the sweet almond taste. Then the broken almond in the cake fills your taste.

And with the fragrance of silk coco released, it is perfect and kept in the mouth. Cheesecake is a kind of dessert. It has a soft upper layer. Mixed with special cheese, such as ricotta cheese, or cream cheese. Cheese cake usually uses biscuits as the bottom layer and has several fixed flavors. For example, vanilla and chocolate cheese cake. As for the decoration added to the surface layer, it is often strawberry or blueberry. Sometimes the cheese cake doesn’t look like a common cake, but rather like a pie. Brief history it is famous that the cheesecake originated from ancient Greece. In the first 776, it made to supply desserts for the Athens Olympics. Then the Romans spread the cheesecake from Greece to the whole Europe. In the 19th century, it spread to America with immigrants.

The Origin of Brownie Cakes

Next is the origin of brownie cake. Chocolate brownies are also called brownies, walnut brownies or Boston brownies. It is a kind of small cut cake with rich layers, which made by adding a large amount of dark chocolate to bake. It named brownie because of its luxurious brown color. There is an interesting story about the origin of brownies. It said that a fat black mammy, wearing an apron. It was baking soft and delicious chocolate cakes in the kitchen. But forgot to kill the cream first. However, the unexpected failed work, the cake which supposed to lost. It was actually very delicious when the old mother tasted it. The “lovely mistake” of brownie cake became the most representative cake. About the Origin of tiramisu, there is a warm story.

During the Second World War, an Italian soldier was going to go on an expedition. But there was almost nothing left at home. Prepare dry food for him. His wife who loved him, make all the biscuits and bread that you can eat into a pastry, which called tiramisu. Every time this soldier ate tiramisu on the battlefield, he would think of his home and his beloved. Tiramisu, in Italian, has the meaning of “Take Me Away”. TakiE away not only delicious food, but also love and happiness. The dessert of the new year festival — Yule log-France. “Yule is actually the old name of Christmas, from the Vikings to the winter celebration till now. The traditional Christmas in England is to cut wood in the woods and drag it back to the fireplace. It will burn for 12 days from Christmas Eve. This wood called Yulelog!

Austrian Dessert —Origin of Sandshelf Cakes

Austrian dessert —— origin of sandshelf cake. Sandshelf cake originated in 1832. Franz.Sacher, a Prince’s chef, developed a kind of sweet chocolate stuffing. The royal family loved it. Later, Sache Ho-te, a sandbox restaurant that nobles often went in and out at that time. He also used sandbox cake as a signboard snack. But, what on earth is its exclusive secret recipe. It is still a controversial dessert lawsuit. A pastry shop Demel claims to buy the original recipe. It provided by members of the sand rack family with a large sum of money. Sandao hotel insists that only their cakes are the traditional tastes. The lawsuit is still unsolved. It has created by tens of thousands of snack chefs. And has become a national treasure dessert representing Austria. Austrian dessert —— the origin of storion’s cake. Hundreds of years are like a day.

The shape is simple. The cooking is troublesome. The material proportion is confusing, only a few masters of old cake shops can make it. In Austria, the storion cake is expensive because of its scarcity, and its value is not lost to the sandbox cake. Chaonuo pastry shop is the source of the mysterious and delicious storion cake. It said that its taste and shape have never changed since the 19th century. All of them are handmade. I only know that its ingredients include almond. hazelnut, sugar, chocolate and the unique Oblaten of Austria. As for the recipe and cooking method, only two Masters know about it in chaonuo pastry shop. The storion cake is crispy, sweet and charming, and has a long aftertaste. People who are not addicted to sweetness cannot eat more. Even in the old chaonuo store, the annual output of storion is only 1300.

Japanese Dessert —Origin of Castella Cakes

Japanese dessert —— the origin of Castella cake. In the 17th century, Portuguese businessmen traveled across the oceans to Nagasaki. The things they brought, such as glass, tobacco were all novel things for local people. To build friendship with each other, these outsiders came up with some ways to please the locals. Missionaries distributed wine to the nobility. And desserts to the civilians, hoping to spread Christianity. Businessmen even made a large number of cakes and distributed them to the public on the street. At that time, a kind of cake made of granulated sugar, eggs and flour was very popular. Japanese asked the dessert from Castella Kingdom. As a result, the Japanese misinterpreted Castella became the name of dessert. It was the origin of Castella. It said that in 1832, a full-time chef of Australian diplomat in France invented it. It was “Saha” of French nationality.

Because the diplomat “mettiernisi” likes sweets. He has to taste different desserts every day. As a result, “Sa Ha” tries to combine many ingredients. They are not usually used for desserts, finally finished this “Saha cake 」. Later in 1876, Edward, the son of “sa ha”, founded “sa ha HOTEL”. And carried forward this dessert with his wife Anna, becoming one of the famous French cakes. It was a necessary snack for French to celebrate Christmas. When Christmas Eve, no matter where they work, they would go back to their hometowns to reunite. When staying in the middle of the night, the whole family usually get together in front of the heater. They eat wood cake together with coffee or black tea. Besides, they also take the opportunity to contact the feelings of the family.

The Birth of the Middle Ages — Souffle

The famous pie in the newspaper is BostonCreamPie. In fact, it is not pie, but sponge cake. Here is the origin of the name. It said that in 1855, a New York newspaper printed a recipe called puddingpiecake. That did not contain the chocolate syrup peculiar to Boston pie today. Then in 1856, a man named Harvey D.Parker opened a ParkerHouse restaurant in Boston. There was a pudding pie cake containing chocolate syrup on the menu. This is the Boston pie known to people today. The birth of the Middle Ages — Souffle. Why do people invent this kind of shufuli? It makes people feel like they have nothing to eat after eating. This is relative to the social atmosphere of greed and desire at that time. At that time, the rich people spent more time eating than working.

Usually there were three or four people’s dinners, dozens or twenty dishes, which were too much to eat up. At last, all the guests moved their knives and forks with meaning. And tasted and stopped. After the banquet, the whole afternoon, only the sound of burping heard one after another. The social phenomenon of “burping in the afternoon” lasted for half a century. And it didn’t come to an end until it caused such a long history of the social cleaners. “Even the” nothingness “could not escape materialization. And suffered the fate of collapse because of excessive expansion. However, the chefs were afraid of the over-inflated nothingness materialism. And it will be like a prediction that the fate of collapse will never escape. So I try every means to make shufuli keep the original appearance of elegance and fluffy. That was before it served to the guests.

Fluffy Taste — Chiffon Cakes

Fluffy taste — Chiffon Cake. Cakes usually have Sponge cake and Chiffon Cake. Chiffon refers to a kind of cloth, which is like Silk t silk. Sponge cake completely relies on killing eggs to form pores in the tissue of the cake. Typical sponge cake only contains eggs, flour and sugar. The taste is strong and dense, and it is easy to feel choked throat when eating (compared with Chiffon Cake). Chiffon Cake is an improved sponge method, which invented by an American chef. Besides eggs, flour and sugar, vegetable oil and water are also added in it. It is to increase the moisture of tissues. That can make the taste fluffy and moist. But because the batter is wet and not easy to expand, BP should added to help the batter foam and expand. You need to climb up the wall of the baking mold when baking.

Otherwise the batter will not grow high, the cake will be flat, and the tissue will be a little hard and free of pores. The product of evergreen — Helveticroll. It is a kind of sponge cake, which was first introduced to the United States from Switzerland. In 1960s that “American wheat Association” promoted this kind of cake to Taiwan. Because it is popular for a long time, it is a very common pastry in Taiwan. Almost every West Point bakery must have evergreen products. It is the place where Taiwanese first found it was in Switzerland. The highest quality in the cake is mousse cake. This cake originated from the food capital-Paris, France. It has very strict requirements in temperature control and raw material ratio. Rich changes are in color and structure, more natural and pure taste. Natural and healthy life philosophy, is the supreme best in the cake.

Mixing Methods and Batter Properties of Cakes

Cakes can be generally divided into three categories. That is according to their raw materials, mixing methods and batter properties. ① Batter cake. The amount of oil used in the formula is up to 60% of the flour. It used to lubricate the batter, produce soft tissue. And help the batter fuse a large amount of air in the mixing process to produce swelling effect. Generally, cream cakes and pudding cakes belong to this category. ② milk foam cake: the formula features that the main raw material is eggs without any solid oil. Make use of the tough and denatured protein in the egg liquid. And make the cake loose during the mixing and baking process of the batter. Besides, they can divide into protein category of single protein such as angel cake. And sponge category of whole egg (such as sponge cake).

③ Chiffon Cake: it formed by changing the organization of the Cake by mixing two kinds of batter and milk foam. An American cake designer said the following. For me, most of the cost is labor. Make a general cake for 150 people. From meeting new people, bake cakes, it takes me 25 to 40 hours to carve to assemble and decorate the cake. You start to look at the pictures of the cake, try to be realistic. Otherwise it may exceed your economic strength. Sometimes some newcomers want to make a cake like what they see in magazines. They don’t know that it is 10 dollars per piece. It is impossible to make the same cake at the price of 2.5 dollars. People must find out whether the cake publish in the magazine and whether it is a brand cake.

The Decoration of Cakes

Next, let’s talk about sugar-coated clothes. They are the general names of some nouns like cakes. Handmade Dough sugar-coated is much more expensive than white cream. Because it contains a lot of Labor. Dough sugar-coated is very special because it is a labor-intensive product. Cream does not mean low quality. You can change different styles with cream, and it is easy. Using cream can make the appearance of the cake smooth. The cake covered with a chocolate coat-this is a major feature. It is more expensive than cream. Rubber adhesive or spice additives, flowers, often need to be hand-made. These have also increased the price of cakes. The more peculiar the flowers are, the higher the price is. So how to save costs? Use less sugar flowers instead of flowers. The best way to influence the style of a cake is to embellish it with flowers.

The size of the cake will affect its price, but the cake designer has put forward several suggestions. Sometimes the cake maker will make a smaller cake with a small piece of cake, or fill it with ice cream and berries. If the newcomer uses a simple dining car or a small table, it recommends to use a smaller cake. You can also use cakes with large bases at large weddings. The smaller cake enables the newcomers to buy the cake suitable for them, which is a little smaller. If you buy a three-layer cake for 100 people to enjoy. Plus four ten-inch cakes, you can only spend 100 dollars to meet the needs of another 100 people. Otherwise, you need to spend more than 300 dollars. Newcomers are more aware of reducing costs. If there is a cake maker at your reception site, you bring another one yourself.

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