How to Make a Classy Bowl of Soup with Black Bean or Broccoli?

Soup in Western food generally includes clear soup and thick soup. There are also cold and hot soup. Fish glue also belongs to soup. Because most products made of fish glue are mixed with water, milk. Wine and soup, fish glue itself has no nutritional value. But it can solid, crystal and melt, etc. and the soup has unique flavor and various colors. All countries in the world have its famous and representative soup. For example, we have French onion soup, Italian vegetable soup. Russian soup, American cream seafood soup, British beef tea with taboos and so on. Besides the main ingredients, soup often puts some small ingredients on the soup to decorate.

People divide western soup into the following types: clear soup, cream soup. Vegetable soup, thick soup, cold soup, special soup, local or traditional soup. Clear soup is a soup made from beef, chicken, fish and vegetables to remove fat. Many people think that if you want to make delicious food like soup, you may have to make very hot soup. In fact, there are still many soups that are very suitable for making cold ones. Here we will introduce some of them. Yet, if some people think this soup is delicious and want to make it into hot soup, it is actually a very big mistake. Because this soup must be ice-transparent and take some small ingredients to enjoy. It tastes cold indeed, but it is very delicious and worth learning.

The Categories of Soup

According to the cooking habits of Western food, especially French food, it is first made into Stock, also known as basic soup. Basic soup is to put animal raw materials rich in protein and colloid into a pot and boil them with water. And the nutrients of the raw materials can dissolve in water. Then it would become soup with rich nutrition and fresh and mellow taste. The basic soup used in Western dishes generally includes beef soup, egg soup and fish soup. These three kinds of soup are made of beef and beef bone, old chicken and chicken rack, fish bone and fish head. And fragrant seasoning vegetables (onion, carrot, celery). Spices (Geranium, pepper seed, thyme, etc.) would be cooked together. The proportion of raw materials and water for boiling soup should be well controlled. If there is too much water, the soup taste is not strong.

And if there is too little water, the soup quality is easy to mix. Generally, the ratio of raw materials to water is 1:3. For example, 500 grams of beef bone, add about 1500 grams of water. When making, use weak fire to boil for a long time, and boil the fragrance of the raw materials into the soup. The meat of boiled soup does not need to be high-priced meat. Beef neck, beef shoulder and beef breast, and beef Feet meat is enough. Sometimes we can use other leftover materials as raw materials for soup hanging. If you hang the clear soup, you can put the beef bone into the oven to bake for a while. Then put it into the clear water, so the taste is better. What we must stress here is the temperature of the hot soup. The soup itself be hot.

The Main Ingredients of Different Soups

Generally speaking, the main ingredients of different dishes use different soup. Beef soup used for meat dishes and is the basic soup for making yellow sauce or boiled juice. It has a wide range of applications, and we can add almost all dishes can with beef soup. Fish soup is used to make soup dishes of fish, shrimp and shellfish. Also, other dishes such as fish and shrimp cannot be separated from fish soup. Chicken soup is suitable for chicken-related soup and vegetable. To get high-quality beef soup, we must master the making skills of these basic soup. One of the skills is to use the weak fire to stew for a long time. The second skill is to remove the floating foam on the liquid surface. Only in this way can the clear and transparent soup be successful.

Basic soup has a wide range of uses. Except that it would be eaten after adding condiments and auxiliary materials, most dishes need to be assisted by it. Especially for making sauce, basic soup is the essential main raw material. Basic soup is used in various dishes and is also the basic raw material for making dishes. Its quality affects the taste of the dishes. Especially for French and Italian dishes, the cooking method emphasizes to keep the color, aroma and taste of the raw materials. So the taste of the basic soup is good or bad, it can determine the success and failure of dishes.

A Manufacturing Method of Making Simple Soup

Usually, when hanging the clear soup, the beef is minced or chopped with a meat grinder. Then mixed with chicken protein. Soak in the clear water for about 1 hour to dissolve the protein of the meat in the water. Then add mild soup (the soup made of beef with beef bone mentioned above) and put it into the egg shell. Boil it with fierce fire for about an hour and a half. Stir with a wooden spoon or stick when boiling. Do not stir the soup after boiling, so as not to paste the ground of crushed beef. Boil for another hour or so.

Now, the eggshell and protein have condensed the minced meat. And other impurities in the soup into a ball, and sink to the bottom first and then free on the noodle soup. Skim it with a spoon and filter it, then it will become clear meat soup. Sometimes the color is not enough to add caramel syrup, or add some cow soup powder. This is the high-grade cow soup, also known as cow Tea (B eef Tea), because the color of the soup is very like that of the tea. In Western dinners or banquets, this kind of soup is often used as the pioneer of appetizing. Apart from fat, this soup is nutritious and not greasy, and is the favorite of modern people.

The Importance of Fresh Ingredients

In fact, its manufacturing method is very simple. After mastering these steps, it can be made easily. And it should also be noted that these ingredients must be fresh. Because after making thick soup, in fact, the storage time is not very long. You need to drink them at one time, so you need to use fresh vegetables. Next, prepare the ingredients. The ingredients for eight people are 700 grams of nine weight. 50 grams of salt-free cream, 30 grams of white onion. Peel it and chop it up. Peel 300 grams of potato and cut it into small diced pieces, 700 ml of clear water, 700 ml of chicken soup and 300 ml of cream.

Besides, prepare a small amount of table to match with a bunch of chives. If you can, you can also choose a better one. It is also better to make colorful ingredients. Finally, French sour cream needs to be prepared. If not, it can also be replaced by sour cream which is often seen in daily life. Then the amount of salt and black pepper is appropriate. First of all, we should deal with all the vegetables. After washing the feet, we should rest a little. We should cut off some rotten places with scissors. We should not add some rotten vegetables to the soup, this will also make them taste bad. Next, we can cut the scallion into thin slices. Put the cream into a big soup pot and make it melt. After that, you can fry leeks and onions to a transparent and soft state.

Steps of Making Some Classy Soup

Next, add potato clear water and soup to cook for about 20 minutes. Be sure to cook with low fire. Because only in this way can the tastes of all the ingredients merge together. Then pour the cream and continue to boil, and flavor it with salt and black pepper in five minutes. Next, the soup can be poured into the cooking machine to reach a smooth state. Filter the soup into the bowl with a thin-hole strainer on the ice cubes on the big bowl rack. Put it aside. Let it ice a little. After finishing, you can sprinkle shredded chives before serving, with chives flowers on your hands. Then you can add some to embellish, which also looks better. You can also pour some cream according to your preference. It is best not to add the whipped cream, but the finished product, which can be added into it.

Western asparagus soup Material: 6 fresh green asparagus, half a cup of fresh cream, half an onion i and then sliced. 2 small spoons of chicken essence, only 1 piece of garlic, a little salt and pepper. 50 grams of butter, sandwich bread needs 1 piece, flour needs 1 spoon, milk needs 1 cup, cooking oil. Production method: 1) first, cut asparagus into small pieces, and then boil it with clear water. 2). Stir-fry garlic with butter. Stir-fry all the onion slices for a while. Then add the flour into the water. Chicken essence, a little pepper and salt for cooking asparagus one after another. 3). After boiling, filter out the residue with a dense pot. Put it into the soup pot. Add milk and cream. Stir, and then get rid of the fire after cooked. Put in the boiled asparagus and mix well. Then put it on the table.

Fresh Milk Pumpkin Soup

Fresh milk pumpkin soup Materials: 500g pumpkin. 250 ml milk, 125 ml light cream, appropriate amount of condensed milk (or sugar). Production method: 1). Pumpkin should be peeled and seed removed, and then cut into pieces of uniform size. Heat them with high heat for 10-12 minutes until they are ripe. Take them out for 4 minutes each time and stir them up, then heat them again. 2). Put the cooked pumpkin into a deeper container. Add appropriate amount of milk, and smash it with a cooking stick and stir it well. 3). Add a proper amount of light cream and beat it well. Add a proper amount of condensed milk and beat it well according to the taste.

Paris onion soup Materials: 3000 grams of beef bone. 200 grams of carrot, 150 grams of mushroom. 50 grams of celery, 500 grams of tomato. 2 cloves of garlic, 2 thyme. 400 grams of onion, 100 grams of red onion. appropriate amount of brandy. 500 ml of white wine, 200g of cheese, appropriate amount of salad oil, salt and pepper. Production method: 1). Bake beef bones, carrots and onions in the oven for about 15 minutes. Then pour white wine, thyme, laurel leaves and parsley. After peeling and seed removing, cut the tomatoes into small dices. mushrooms into slices, celery into pieces. garlic into rice-like slices. And put all the above materials into a soup pot. After the fire boiled for three hours, the soup left for standby.

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