Why to Ink a Beautiful Tattoos in Flower and Butterfly Patterns?

Grab the flowers! The most exciting part of a wedding is that besides roses, lilies are often used in the bride’s bouquet. What is the special meaning of putting Lily pattern on the body? Lily has a history of thousands of years in European gardens. And Romans regarded Lily as the symbol of God of love. Meanwhile, Greeks appreciated Lily very much and thought it was the work of God. It symbolizes purity, chastity and innocence in Christianity. In ancient Rome and Greek weddings, lilies symbolize the beauty of women. Besides, Lily tattoo represents purity and solemnity. It was once recorded in the western Bible. Eve was out of the Garden of Eden by eating forbidden fruit. Tears left by sadness. So the Westerners thought Lily was the symbol of holiness and auspicious things. Also, there is a beautiful legend about the origin of lilies in German folk.

A beautiful girl named Alice and her mother live a poor life in the mountainous area. One day a Duke passed by this place and Alice’s beauty attracted him. So, he forced to take her back to the city, but Alice was unwilling to leave her mother and vowed to death. But the Duke picked her up and wanted to run to the city. At this time, Alice turned into a wisp of smoke and disappeared. But there was a lily growing in the place where she stood, with fragrance floating. Thus, lily Tattoo symbolizes love, family value. Also, it represents mutual understanding between spouses and strong marriage concept. Therefore, if you are also an unmarried girl looking for a soul mate, I recommend you to have a Lily tattoo. You know, the skull expresses not being afraid of death, and the blooming lilies symbolize the joy of life.

The Fragrance of Lily Tattoos

Recently, a new fashion method-flower tattoo has become popular in Britain. This kind of tattoo is not to tattoo flower patterns on the body. But to use the real flowers in nature to carry out creative “tattoo”. The following little editor will teach you how to play the real flower tattoo! And the most important thing in the practice of “flower tattoo” is to choose beautiful flowers. And then stick them to the body. After picking out the flowers, it is how to match these flowers.

First, match the flowers on the paper. After matching the flowers, apply glue to the flowers. Of course, choose glue that cannot harm the skin. Finally, stick the flowers on your body. You can also stick to other positions. Peony tattoo called “The King of flowers”. It has called China’s national beauty. And fragrance since ancient times and is China’s national flower. It is the embodiment of wealth and luck in China and loved by Chinese people. Also, it rated as the second of China’s top ten famous flowers. Peony tattoo is a plant belonging to the family of Paeoniaceae and the genus of paeoniflorum. The flower is single and the top of the branches.

Rose Flower Tattoos

The shape of the flower is oblong, and the petals are double petals. This flower is large, wide and thick. And the color of the flower is yellow. Also, crimson red and purple, pink and white. The fragrance of flowers is quiet and not strong. So, it called “national color and natural fragrance. Next , here is the Peony tattoo flower language. It is Perfect, affectionate, rich and noble. Besides, it’s also auspicious, happy, elegant and noble, national beauty and natural fragrance! All kinds of flowers and colors of peony have corresponding meanings. The flower language corresponding to different colors is also different. Do you know Red Peony tattoo? The flower shape is broad and thick red flowers. And its flower language is ‘rich and precious, satisfactory ‘! Next, let’s discuss Purple peony tattoo. That is Peony with purple petals. And that symbolizes good luck, romance and happy marriage!

Then is the White Peony tattoo. It means dignified, elegant, national and natural, trustworthy person! How about Green Peony tattoo? This tells about life, expectation, light love, dedication! Now, it’s Pink Peony tattoo. We learn about elegant, mature, implicit, beautiful from it! Besides, we have Yellow Peony tattoo. That is bright, rich and luxurious, eternal, atmospheric and vigorous! What’s more, we have Blue Peony tattoo. It’s beautiful romantic, fresh and elegant! At last, you get Black Peony tattoo here, which means you must love when you die. In fact, there is no pure black peony in the peony family. People used to calling dark red and dark purple peony Black Peony! You know Peony is the flower that appears most in traditional Chinese paintings. Because peony is the representative of wealth and fortune.

“X-ray Flower” Tattoos

Next, I will share with you a brand-new tattoo Idea, which is “X-ray flower” tattoo! This kind of pattern all comes from the effect of the photos that the flowers illuminate by X-rays! Flowers recorded in this way, there will be beauty! Let’s take a look at the flowers under the X-ray. Is the beauty amazing? And some netizens also put this element on the tattoo, which caused a very unexpected effect! Show the soft lines of X-ray flowers. The tattoo effect will be a little like the texture of watercolor tattoo, which looks very soft. The effect of X-ray photos can present by the way of color stacking. And the visual layering is also very rich. If you don’t want ordinary tattoos, this style of tattoos is a very single design.

The flowers under the X-ray are quiet and aloof, with a feeling of pity in the softness. You can also choose the flower you like and stab it on your body, which represents a token of your own. Colorful X-ray flower tattoo adds a little more vitality than black and white ones. I don’t know if this style of tattoo can present in the way of micro tattoo. The effect should also be very good. Super large tattoo it needs great courage! X-ray flower photos full of details like this test the skill of master. It seems like art paintings. Full of details and combines the sense of art. Flowers are the things most people prefer. Flowers are also endowed with special symbolic meanings. And they are popular in the tattoo field. Most of them have unique memory attributes and background stories.

Tattoos Loved by Stars

When it comes to tattoo, do many people think it is “hip pop exclusive”, “rapper essential” and “hipster away? You should know that the tattoos nowadays are not like those. “Only a small number of people can have them. And they can’t expose easily.” At the beginning, They are fashionable people or clever. As long as you like it, you can write out the style you like. The red flower tattoo on the star’s instep has been trending. It listed as “the same style of tattoo that I want to get most” by many young girls. Not only is it not as exaggerated and weird as I imagined. But it is full of the smell of a little woman, looming, super beautiful! Some stars put their tattoos on their ankles and rotate down the instep. The tattoos that can not find when wearing trousers at ordinary times.

A small star writing on my wrist is exciting! The inner side of the arm is actually a good position for the tattoo. For girls whose arms are a little fat, this position is not very friendly. So it is easy to make the tattoo “ferocious”, I hope you can notice this. Flowers, a kind of tattoo material that will not be out of date, are especially popular with women. Everyone has the heart to love beauty, and owning floral tattoos will only add luster to beauty. People often say that “people raise flowers, while flowers raise people”. Raising flowers is a kind of leisure entertainment. It can cultivate the sentiment while cultivating flowers. Flowers with bright colors and strong sense of reality combine with favorite things. It should also be a very beautiful thing to go with yourself all the time!

The Introduction of Butterfly Tattoos

Are you looking for a butterfly tattoo? Butterfly is one of the greatest creatures throughout the Earth. The insects on you are not so admirable, but butterflies are an exception. Butterfly is a lovely insect with 4 life cycles (Metamorphosis). Egg, larva, pupa and adult. It is very popular for its lovely and compact shape and impeccable colorful wing design. These beautiful little animals positioned in many poems and paintings throughout history. Butterflies usually symbolize the power of life, and everyone will live. Butterfly Tattoo trend: butterfly ink works are the epitome of female model tattoos. A girl begins to consider using ink for body modification. Then butterfly design will become the first one in her mind. Because it can be a subtle work of art, meanwhile, the interior is full of overwhelming loveliness. Butterfly Tattoo is often regarded as the first ink by women.

Because women and butterflies have a lot in common. Whether young or adult, every woman has a fantasy that she has touched at least once in her life. There are several other types of tattoos on the market. Such as anchors, compasses, tree tattoos. There are many types of butterflies on this planet. Yes, they are very cute and very happy, but they all have deeper levels. Meaning, deeper than your opinion. Butterflies are usually associated with a person’s soul. And described as symbols of revival. If the butterfly falls on you, it is regarded as a rebirth. Do you have read Eric Carl’s story-“Very Hungry Caterpillar”? You must know the profound meaning of conversion through pupa. It can apply to your life in more ways than you think. If you have made a major change in your life recently, you can link it with the narration of the story.

Meanings of Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly is an admirable choice of tattoo. It will make you feel relaxed and natural. Because butterfly tattoo is the representative of elegance and free and easy. Butterfly is the theme of tattoo. Many female customers will choose. It usually appears as a hipster tattoo or embellishment for some other tattoos. Because the design pattern of butterfly is attractive and fascinating. Many people keep it on their bodies forever. If you get a butterfly tattoo, it is a symbol of major changes and changes in your life. Within the mysterious Christian symbol and art, butterfly is an immortal symbol. Not only the resurrection of Christ, but also the awakening of everyone’s higher love in his/her heart. In symbolism, butterfly is the symbol of good luck, happiness. Also, richness, health and blessing.

You who choose butterflies as tattoo patterns should also be like butterflies. Even though you have experienced wind and rain, you are still beautiful. The representation of butterfly tattoo in different cultures. In Japanese culture, butterfly is the symbol of freedom. In Chinese and Western cultures, two butterflies represent love and unity. Within the ancient Aztec myth, butterflies represent the soles of women. They left us during childbirth or the dead soldiers. Last but not least, in Christianity and Greek culture, butterflies are symbols of souls. They are also associated with freedom. Location of butterfly tattoos. These butterfly Arts have no restrictions on where to paint. So, this means that you can get them as you wish. Whether it’s your neck or back, shoulders or feet or any other part of your body.

Butterfly Tattoo Design Ideas

Butterfly tattoo design idea. Butterfly can consider as a delicate benchmark for loveliness and beauty. The smell of these subtle creatures on your body looks shocking, not too gorgeous or too romantic. Butterfly Tattoo for an incredible empowerment. Because it can only live for one month, it will change its body 4 times. The spectacular monarch butterfly is one of the most popular specimens. You can find orange and black wings in contrast with pleasure. The monarch is famous for his ability to find a way to go home. Even through the most severe tests and hardships, it may be relative to your life. 3D tattoo is one thing now. People are inspired by modern photography with multi-dimensional tactility. Many tattoo masters prefer to create their ink works with realistic 3D effects. And when a work presented in 3D, it looks amazing, especially when it is a butterfly.

Butterfly is the symbol of accepting fate and transformation. And water lily is the symbol of beauty. They are all easy to combine and become “unique” Butterfly Lily tattoos. Butterfly Girl tattoo can be the best choice for women who love themselves, almost all women. The figure of a little woman can blend into your butterfly tattoo. Then, when you observe, you will notice fairy-like creatures. Flying butterfly tattoo looks great. You ink with something that looks like falling on your skin. It looks more relaxed, like a butterfly falling on your skin. The music butterfly you can guess is suitable for people who cherish music. Guitar strings or some random music notes can combine with your butterfly tattoo. Make it look more attractive. The neck is considered a perceptual part of the body. So when you add a small butterfly tattoo to it will make it look sexier.

Butterfly Tattoos on Your Bodies

From a long time ago, tattoos began to become popular. Butterfly tattoos have been a subject that attracts much attention. Too many people love butterfly tattoos. Why is butterfly tattoo so popular? Well, first of all, they are incredible creatures of beauty. There are 160000 different species of butterflies. They can definitely bring endless inspiration in the creative design of tattoos. Many people think butterfly tattoos are outdated. They used to do butterfly tattoos. But believe me, although they are simple and common, they still do not affect their beauty. The butterfly tattoos will still be accepted by many tattoo lovers. Here are some butterfly tattoos I like. Collarbone, known as “beauty bone”, is an S-shaped curved slender bone. It locates under the skin and is the boundary between neck and chest. It is the only Bony relation between upper limbs and trunk.

No matter male or female, having a good collarbone will add points to personal image. If a butterfly tattoo is added to the exquisite collarbone, it is a magic pen that moves people. Having a collarbone with a good shape will make people feel a good figure. Collarbone is also a symbol of sex appeal. Many people like to make a butterfly tattoo near the collarbone. It adds different small embellishments to their sex appeal. The butterfly bone tattoo. The back is the capital of showing off in a backless outfit. All the figures that people can never forget have a pair of beautiful butterfly bones. Wear a backless suit or a pivot suit. The tattoo pattern on the back is particularly beautiful against the butterfly bone. Look at these beautiful pictures. I found the clavicle tattoo and the Butterfly bone tattoo on the back have their own sexy features.

Mandala Tattoos

Some people like large-length flowers and butterfly tattoos. But others like small ones. Everyone has different preferences and choices. No matter flowers or butterfly tattoos, everyone is proud of his tattoo. Girls often look for a more cautious place to design their tattoos. For example, the lateral rib of the outer chest. The tattoo designed along your chest can make you covered by clothes when you don’t want to be exposed. You can cover your tattoo or expose it. Attention to details is the key. The position of this mermaid sitting on the moon is fascinating! This Mandala tattoo is not stingy with details. These lines are very solid, and the position of tattoo makes it more eye-catching. This artist did not use shadow, but used prick to show the misty surface! This elegant flower work extends to her chest, which is a very bold tattoo.

The splash of purple makes these flowers more eye-catching. Young girls are popular, “still holding the pipa and half covering the face”. Not every flower-themed tattoo needs a wisp of color to make people unforgettable. The flowers of this tattoo and the shadows on the leaves flow down from the skin. Make the color irrelevant. This smooth human body art is exquisite and “fierce”! This flower pattern almost continued to her back, and the two lonely flowers could start on one back. Like the flowers in the garden, this tattoo can be added. Don’t forget to keep your skin moisture and make your artwork live long. No one says that your chest tattoo must have any unique idea or theme. The lines on this article look like free graffiti, giving it mysterious characteristics. Draw your own design to make your body art more unique!

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