Why to Make Stunning Summer Nails in Coffin and Acrylic Shapes??

With the hot weather, summer is coming soon. Have you chosen summer nails for yourself? When summer comes, many people want to make a beautiful summer nails. But there are still many summer nails with the feeling of summer, in light color! If you don’t know what to choose, the following summer nails suitable for summer for you. This summer nails is a picture of summer nails of hipster green color painting series. We know green represents the color of spring. For summer nails, Green is the most suitable for summer. This summer nails uses green as the main color. Besides, it combines gradient and colored painting styles. Paste the shell pieces on the gradient summer nails to point out the football. And sketch the green leaf pattern with a colored drawing pen on the pure white summer nails. Such a refreshing summer nails are the most suitable for summer.

This summer nails is a picture of green cat’s eye summer nails. For the style of cat’s eye, many colors can be very beautiful as long as the solid color matches cat’s eye. Today, this is the Green Cat’s Eye style, which is a simple color jump in collocation. The display is very elegant and white. This summer nails is a picture of cartoon fried eggs summer nails. Paint the fried eggs on summer nails by painting. Then outline other cartoon styles for combination. A lovely summer nails are with childlike innocence. And full marks of girlish feeling will not seem childish. Suitable for girls with short summer nails. This summer nails is a pink gradient summer nails pattern. The pink series itself is the color of girls. Combine with the gradual change style. Embellishing metal stars, moon, gold thread and other decorations. The feeling is very gentle and elegant.

A Transparent Picture of Summer Nails

Next, this summer nails is a transparent picture of summer nails. Besides, summer nails are transparent with flashy background color. And then decorated with silver bowknots, pearls or other decorations. Also, summer nails looks high-end and elegant, with full marks of fashion. It is more suitable for women with enough aura. What’s more, summer nails is a picture of dark green wrapping summer nails. Use dark green as the main color first. Then choose two summer nails for other styles, and brush all the others with pure dark green styles. For the thumb style, you can choose to use small metal far Willow nails to wrap edges around. The rest of the summer nails made of edge-wrapping style, and then decorated in the middle. As for other one made of grid style, like opening a big net at home. A very beautiful summer nails.

For people in the city, I’m afraid we cannot neglect haze color. But for haze blue summer nails, they are very popular. Haze Blue is a cold color. If you get started, you will bring your own sense of advanced quality. It is helpful to improve your temperament. The haze blue summer nails are in the style of a cat’s eyes, and then a silver solid color summer nails can skip. If other summer nails feel too monotonous. Next you can decorate them according to your own preferences. Finally ,simple haze blue style, girls who like it can have a try, for the dark skin, it is also very white.

Haze Blue Summer Nails

First, haze blue summer nails is a style of jumping color summer nails. It is a little bit purple smog solid color summer nails is nice. A transparent summer nails with sequins is also okay. Simple and beautiful. Girls who like it can have a try. Second, haze blue summer nails is a style of jumping color summer nails. The combination of haze blue, gold and silver. Transparent summer nails with Shell slices can support the whole scene. Fashion and atmosphere. Third, haze blue summer nails is a style of color skipping and dizzy dyeing. Choose a summer nails for white color jumping. And use small pearls to make edge wrapping design for summer nails.

Other summer nails paint with solid colors of haze blue. When choosing a haze blue as the design of dizzy dyeing, it is like the style of marble. First, haze blue summer nails frost plaid summer nails. Use haze blue as the main color to make solid color summer nails. And choose one or two summer nails to make plaid pattern with white and haze blue. The texture of frosted reflects the advanced sense of haze and blue. Second, haze blue summer nails is a picture of French summer nails. Select a summer nails to make the whole summer nails solid color. Then paste metal decorations. Other summer nails are in the French style of haze blue, leaving the Crescent teeth blank at the root. A very elegant summer nails.

The Style of Cute Cartoon Summer Nails

Many girls still keep this childlike innocence even when they grow up. So the style of cute cartoon summer nails is very suitable for you. After April Fool’s Day, we here wants to say, what a fool, how good it is to make a cute cartoon summer nails. This cartoon summer nails is a hand-painted color skipping style. It uses a color jump between black and lemon yellow. Do you think of your childhood when you draw the portrait of Snoopy’s classic character on your thumb? First, black and lemon yellow solid colors make semi-circular French style. Second, choose one or two summer nails to embellish metal patches. Girls who like it can have a try. This cartoon summer nails are simple hand-painted summer nails. First, draw the portrait of the lovely Mickey Minnie on the summer nails of the thumb like Disney.

Other fingers are matches with simple English letters. So, you can take the opportunity to express yourself. Then match with pink love. Second, cartoon summer nails is hand-painted summer nails. Third, nails is more suitable for foodies. Because the cartoon pattern of the thumb, other summer nails paint with food, bread. fried eggs, apples and bananas. If you think your painting technique is not good, you can choose adhesive paper instead. Is it very appetizing. Then, cartoon summer nails are summer nails of strawberry frosted style. Next, choose a black solid color design on two finger brushes, and then paint a red style with flash powder. The hand-painted part should painted with strawberry background color. Then matches with the head portrait of the card. Finally, match the unique texture of frosted. A cute summer nails style, girls who like it can try it.

Pumpkin-colored Summer Nails

First, this cartoon summer nails is the style of hand-painted penguin summer nails. Use gray and white as the main colors, orange Pearl and brown and green as the color matching. Besides, a pure orange pearl color paint on the remaining summer nails. Third, this cartoon summer nails is a summer nails style for small dogs. Of course, the main color is the combination of orange and orange. On summer nails, draw cartoon patterns. For example, the head portrait, footprints, tails and so on of the small dog which look very lovely and vivid as a whole. Take advantage of these two days to make a pumpkin-colored summer nails full of spring flavor. Then in the Sisters group, let’s press. Next, pumpkin color summer nails are pure color summer nails. It uses the golden brown pumpkin with its own retro flavor as the background color of the solid color.

Then choose the decorations made of diamonds and metal patches for decoration. Girls can also DIY their own designs if they have better matching methods. What’s more, pumpkin color summer nails are plaid style summer nails. Choose pumpkin color to base. Then put metal sequins adhesive paper in the middle of summer nails of thumb. That thumb and match with metal Willow nails. Then choose two summer nails to make the pattern of plaid. It’s very fashionable style of summer nails. So, girls who like it can have a try. At last,  pumpkin color summer nails are simple summer nails. You can first use the color of pumpkin with darker color as the base. Then choose a summer nails to embellish with pearl and diamond ornaments. Other decorations that do not need to be redundant can also show the gentle temperament.

Simple but Fashionable Summer Nails

First, this pumpkin color summer nails paint summer nails. It uses the pumpkin color to base. Then brush the light pumpkin color on the two summer nails. And draw the flower pattern on the nail surface of the summer nails. Other summer nails are choosing a metal ornament and Pearl to decorate. Second, this pumpkin color summer nails is a shell style summer nails. Its main color is dark brown pumpkin color. In the solid color, the two jumping colors used as the base of the same color system of dizzy dyeing. They match with shell pieces, gold foil and other decorations. Shell tablets can paste densely. A very atmospheric summer nails. Third, pumpkin color summer nails are simple solid color summer nails. In addition to the pumpkin color, red brick color is also added for color jumping. It looks good without any decorations.

The style of a summer nails is very simple but fashionable. It looks ordinary with gorgeous colors. But this style is unusual, bring this style of summer nails to welcome the beauty of this summer. The pattern of shell texture is very versatile and will not appear black. This one is also a transparent background color. It paints with red fine flash nail polish on the pattern. That can regard as the fresh style of mature women as a whole. The elements of lines are suitable to use in nude summer nails. Especially when using bright adhesive paper to stick on them. Feeling of fashion comes out! And lines can’t hide their inherent beauty! The main body is a simple style of summer nails, in bean paste color. Besides, the bold contrast color design leads the trend of summer nails in this summer. It looks very comfortable!

The Style of Naked Pink Dizzy Shell Armor

The colors are bare pink milky white and purple. First of all, the little thumb and thumb of the two hands made into a naked pink solid color. The ring finger of the left hand and the index finger of the right hand make a pure color of milky white. Then make a gradient with naked pink in the front part of summer nails on the basis of the solid color. Finally, a little white shells and gold foil paper dot on the basis of gradual change. It is to make a gradual change of shell armor style. The colors are brown, dark brown and gray, and the two hands also make a symmetrical style. First of all, the index finger of the two hands is made into a pure brown color. Then it comes to the upper part of the summer nails of the little thumb.

Next, it dots with a metal accessory with colorful diamonds. What’s more, the index finger and thumb are made into a dark brown solid color. And the middle finger is a metal accessory dotted with a colorful diamond at the top of summer nails. Besides, black is also an eye-catching color in summer. Not a fresh feeling, which makes people feel cool and suitable for cool girls! Also, black and gold are a perfect match. Yet, the dark color of black and the gold with metallic luster make it very gorgeous. The design of Hook edge will not appear dull and rigid. And the transparent color highlights the original luster of summer nails. As a result, it played the role of drawing the finishing point. Because the background color is white, which is the most suitable color for summer. Then, it is fresh and will make people more elegant.

Summer Nails with Leopard Print

When it comes to leopard print, many people should think it is soil. Then you must have misunderstood it. Today, we will introduce some pictures of summer nails with leopard print to you. Also, we will take you to open a new vision of summer nails with leopard print. This leopard print summer nails is a frosted color-hopping style. Choose the jumping color between red brown, cream white and ink blue. Red-brown solid color summer nails with small metal rings. The blue solid color of ink painting does not need any embellishment. Choose a summer nails with a big metal chain as the cream color. And sketch out other leopard-print color blocks with red brown and black hooks. It is a very retro style, girls who like it can try it.

This summer nails with leopard print is a military green style with leopard print. The whole looks like a camouflage. The army green part keeps solid color and does not need any embellishment. The leopard print part adopts cream color as the base. Then the leopard print color blocks with green and black hook edges. Finally, the texture with frosted will have different effects. This summer nails with leopard print is a blue style with Chinese ink. It is the same as the previous one, and the same one adopts the style of solid color matching leopard print. The difference is that this time we paste a big retro metal ornament on one of the thumbs. A small embellishment can improve the retro temperament of summer nails.

A Frosted Style of Pink Series

This leopard print summer nails is a frosted style of pink series. The leopard print part adopts the leopard print pattern of milky white base. Pink and light Taro color combined with Brown hook. I have thought about choosing a summer nails with a metal chain to make a slant French style. The checkered part matches with a small metal circle. And other summer nails brush with half pink color blocks. The boundary paste with golden metal wires. Finally, a small metal Willow nail is dotted. A very sweet and warm summer nails style, girls who like it can try it.

This leopard print summer nails is a dark rose leopard print style. The solid color part keeps the solid color of deep rose without any decoration. The leopard print part bases on cream white, and the leopard print pattern is drawn with deep rose red and black. With frosted texture, the whole is simple and elegant, and the key point is very white. This leopard print summer nails is in rose red leopard print style. Choose the match between Rose Red and pink. And the solid color part is dotted with small metal rectangular Willow nails at the bottom. There are two kinds of leopard print. One is pink base, Rose red leopard print pattern; The other is Rose Red Base, pink leopard print pattern. Finally, combined with frosted texture, you look more advanced.

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