What Unique Modern Style Tattoos to Ink Both for Men and Women??

Modern tattoo style is also called Japanese style tattoo. Most people’s feeling for modern tattoo style is good. They know the pattern area is large and has strong visual impact. In the history of modern tattoo style, Japanese tattoo was the earliest one. It used for entry ceremony and identity expression of the underworld. Due to the early years of modern tattoo style, it looks rigid. And doesn’t care whether it is realistic or not to some extent.

This kind of modern tattoo style often has regular spray. Cloud and plate fog around the main body were the background. The themes of modern tattoo style are traditional. Such as fish, dragon, tiger, Sakura, peony and silk. Modern tattoo style comes from heroes and warriors in myths. Elements of Japanese. To some extent, modern tattoo style evolved from Japanese art. Patterns and techniques. Modern tattoo style pays more attention to the neatness of composition. the neatness of scales, the uniformity of plate fog and the smoothness of lines. Generally speaking, the color matches with modern tattoo style. That is solid and simple, which is not complicated. As mentioned above, to most extent, modern tattoo style gives people the feeling that the area is relatively large. From the perspective of modern tattoo style, small tattoo is still very beautiful. Japanese tattoo with small area can draw the background plate fog.



One of the Oldest Tattoo Styles

Totem style is one of the oldest styles of modern tattoo style. It originates from various tribal cultures. The famous things are the totem of indigenous tribes. You know Indian totem bohemian totem. Modern tattoo style uses various geometric and abstract character animal patterns to design. The totem style of modern tattoo style is highlighted. Black color blocks matches lines. Besides, modern tattoo style requires the purity of black. And the line design can cut along with muscles, thus bringing a unique aesthetic feeling. Of course, totem tattoo is no longer limited to tribal culture. Because the tattoo style culture develops fast.

Modern tattoo style point tattoo is a new type of tattoo style in recent years. The pattern of modern tattoo style is full and formed with a large number of dots. The light and shade changes of the whole pattern is complete. Mainly by superposition of various geometric layers or using points. Modern tattoo style is black and gray. Among them, the representative ones are Mandala and so on.

One Unique Style of Modern Tattoos

With the development of modern tattoo style culture. And the improvement of tattoo artist’s creative ability. A variety of new styles have emerged in modern tattoo style. Ink painting and watercolor splash-ink style forms. Tattoo artists integrate tattoo patterns into the painting techniques of ink painting. And watercolor with the development of culture. The pattern is like the painting of ink and water color. And the color uses for showing the characteristics of many dizziness.

The geometric tattoo of modern tattoo style composes of lines and figures. Minimalism is also full of personality. Modern tattoo style can bring people a unique sense of elegance. Because it Uses the ingenious combination of linear curves and edges. Chicano Lettering. It’s Chicano tattoo not only contains fonts, but also becomes Mexican black Gray. I will write a separate article later, this article only mentions the flower style). Generally divided into Gothic (hard flower) and Script (soft flower). Among them is Gothic style. That has a tougher painting style, while Script, that is, continuous sketch. modern tattoo style is more handwritten in style. It can combine with software and hardware. They are in the design of large-area flower characters. On this basis, the current style of flower-style characters becomes more casual. And also adopts various artistic techniques such as hollowing out.

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