What Kind of Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Drink to Make??

The earliest production of drinks is to make wine from grains. And the technology of brewing drinks in ancient China has been quite high. Besides, the cultivation of tea and tea trees has records in Erya. Also, the Dictionary of China in 350 BC. Cocoa originates from tropical South America. Indians make chocolate drinks with cocoa. Colombo brought cocoa beans back to Europe in 1502. And cocoa drinks began to be popular in Europe in the early 18th century. Then, the industrial production of grape juice began in Britain in 1869. But the pasteurization principle applied for the first time to preserve fruit juice. Yet, the production of later fruit and vegetable juice formed the industrial scale. Soda production originated in Europe. In 1772, Britain has published books to guide the production of soda. And the production of carbonated drinks based on soda has begun to take shape.

The World drinks industry has reached a considerable scale of production. After 1960s, drinks industry began to produce on a large scale and develop at a high speed. Mineral water, carbonated drinks, fruit juice and wine drinks have all formed a large-scale and automated production system. Besides, there are many kinds of drinks. So, we divide into alcohol drinks and non-alcohol drinks according to the production process. First, wine drinks refined drinks can make from rice, fruit. Through fermentation or distillation, including various wine drinks and blended wine drinks. Second, coarse grain drinks take of grains as raw materials. They process and sterilized by many procedures. Several varieties of millet milk, red bean milk have appeared one after another. Third, non-alcoholic refined drinks make from raw materials. For example, fruits, vegetables, roots of plants. stems, leaves, flowers or milk of animals. Besides, they process after squeezed or dipped and extracted.

Non-alcoholic Drink–Tea

Tea, as a kind of family drinks, has been popular in the Tang Dynasty. Its production, marketing and drinking tea were famous. First, tea from all over the world imported from China. Second, tea in the 13th century has become a popular drink in Japan. Third, the tea ceremony has been spreading. Coffee originated from Ethiopia. Fourth, the earliest cultivated variety is Arabian small fruit coffee. After that, it was introduced into many countries. In 1878, J. Samberne and C. Chase first adopted tinplate canned coffee. That became a kind of popular drinks. Drinks can generally divide into alcoholic drinks and alcoholic drinks without wine.

First, alcoholic drinks without wine are also called soft drinks. Alcoholic drinks refined drinks refer to drinks that are for people to drink. And whose ethanol (alcoholic drinks) content is 0.5-65 percent (v/v). This includes all kinds of fermented wine drinks. Also, distilled wine drinks and assorted wine drinks. Second, non-alcoholic drinks refined drinks refer to liquid foods. It includes solid drinks. Its essence content is less than 0.5 percent (v/v) and whose main purpose is to supplement human body water. Don’t replace water with drinks. You know, some parents use drinks, especially fruit juice, to replace water. Because people often think that fruit juice is nutritious. In fact, there are few real natural fruit juices. And vitamins in fruits are often destroyed in the process of processing. Available drinks contain pigments, essences, saccharin and preservatives. It will increase the burden on the child’s liver.

Non-alcoholic Refined Drink

Plain boiled water can quench thirst most. And it can play its metabolic function after entering the body. Once people drink plain boiled water at ordinary times. They have high activity of deoxygenase in their bodies. Besides, less accumulation of lactic acid in muscles is not easy to fatigue. Drinking more plain boiled water is conducive to the discharge of metabolic waste. So, please do not replace plain boiled water with drinks. Instead, take the general principles of GB10789-2007drinks as reference. On the other hand, non-alcoholic drinks divide into carbonated wine, fruit and vegetable juice wine. Besides, protein wine, packaged drinking water wine. Also, tea wine, coffee wine, solid wine, special purpose wine, plant wine, 11 kinds of flavor wines, other wines. Generally, it can divide into refined drinks without wine and refined drinks with wine.

First, refined drinks without wine can be roughly divided into the following categories: The first one is carbonated drinks. Second one is bubble drinks formed by mixing carbon dioxide gas with various spices. Like Coke, soda. The main ingredients include carbonated water, citric acid. And other acidic substances, white sugar, spices, and some contain caffeine. Also, fruit and vegetable juice drinks. All kinds of fruit juice, fresh juice, vegetable juice, mixed juice of fruit and vegetable, etc. Second, functional drinks. Drinks containing various nutritional elements to meet the special needs of human body. Next, tea drinks: all kinds of green tea, black tea, scented tea, oolong tea, wheat tea, herbal tea, iced tea and other drinks. Some contain lemon ingredients. Then, milk drinks: milk, yogurt, milk tea and other drinks with fresh milk or dairy products as raw materials. Last, coffee drinks: drinks containing coffee ingredients.

The Classification of Refined Drinks

The classification of refined drinks with wine drinks. There are a wide variety of refined drinks with wine drinks and various brands in the market. Here we classify them according to the manufacturing process. According to the manufacturing process, most wine drinks include in these three categories. Brewed wine drinks, distilled wine drinks and configured wine drinks. First, brewing wine drinks are the refined drinks containing wine. Drinks produced after the raw materials of wine drinks fermented. And stored in a certain container for a certain period of time. The alcohol content of this kind of drinks is generally not high, generally not more than 10%. This kind of wine drinks include beer drinks, wine drinks and rice drinks.

Next, it’s wine drinks brewed from fresh grapes. According to the different manufacturing process, it divided into four kinds. General wine drinks, sparkling wine drinks, intensive wine drinks and mixed wine drinks. First, general wine drinks are wine drinks, white wine drinks and pink wine drinks that we usually drink. Second, champagne drinks are the most famous sparkling wine drinks. Third, only sparkling wine drinks produced in French champagne areas can called champagne drinks. Fourth, those produced in other areas of the world can only call sparkling wine drinks. Besides, the representatives of fortified wine drinks are Sherry drinks and Potter drinks. Mixed wine drinks such as guimeisi. Also, rice wine drinks take rice and glutinous rice as raw materials. Through technology and mixed fermentation with wine drinks. Its representatives are yellow wine drinks of our country and sake drinks of Japan.

Beer Drinks

Beer drinks are the general name of drinks containing alcohol. Drinks produced by fermentation of malt, beer drinks, flowers, water and yeast. Beer drinks divide into bottom fermented beer drinks and top fermented beer drinks. It is according to fermentation process. First, the bottom fermented beer drinks include black beer drinks, dry beer drinks. Also, light beer drinks, cellar beer drinks and Munich beer drinks. And the top fermented beer drinks include light beer drinks, bitter beer drinks. It’s more than a dozen kinds of rye beer drinks, Scotland light beer drinks, etc.

The manufacturing process of distilled wine drinks generally includes four processes. Crushing, fermentation, distillation and aging of raw materials. This kind of wine drinks have a higher content of concentrate. It is because of distillation and purification. According to the different raw materials of wine and drinks, they can be roughly divided into the following types. Chinese liquor drinks. It is generally made from wheat, sorghum. Besides, corn and other raw materials through fermentation, distillation and aging. There are many kinds of liquor drinks in China, and there are many classification methods. Then it’s Brandy drinks. What’s more, distilled wine drinks made from fruits. First, brandy refers to distilled wine drinks made from grapes. Last, other brandy drinks include apple brandy, cherry brandy, etc.

Gin Drinks and Vodka

Now let’s introduce gin drinks. You know people usually pronounce it as gin drinks according to its English pronunciation. There are also which distilled wine drinks with spices. Some people also use mixed method to make it, so some people also include it in the mixed wine drinks. First, whisky drinks. It distills liquor drinks made of pretreated grains. As a result, these grains are barley, corn, rye and wheat, or other grains. The aging process of whisky drinks is usually completed in Burnt Oak barrels. Besides, different countries and regions have different production processes. And whisky drinks are most famous among the products of Scotland, Ireland. Canada and the United States.

Second, it’s Vodka. Vodka can brew with any fermentable raw material. For example, potato, barley, rye, wheat, corn, beet, grape and even sugarcane. It does not have obvious characteristics, aroma and taste. Third, tequila drinks. Tequila drinks distilled liquor drinks brewed from plant tequila. Last, rum drinks. Rum drinks are from sugarcane by fermentation and distillation. It is generally divided into light rum drinks, dark rum drinks and aromatic rum drinks.

Blended Wine Drinks

Blended wine drinks bases on brewed wine drinks, distilled wine drinks. It adds with various natural or artificial raw materials. And processes by specific technology. That formed with special color, aroma, flavor and type of blended wine and drinks. There are many famous Assorted wine drinks in China. For example, tiger bone wine drinks, ginseng wine drinks, bamboo leaf green and so on. There are a wide variety of wine drinks in other countries. Includes appetizer drinks, liqueur drinks. Exercise and replenish water more timely. Facing all kinds of sports drinks in the market, have you ever had the confusion of “drinking? Don’t worry, solve the mystery of sports drinks. The composition of various sports drinks appearing in the market is roughly the same. They all contain a certain amount of sugar. Because sugar is the most direct main energy substance for human body.

It dues to the limited sugar reserve in the body. The muscle is not replenished due to a large amount of consumption during exercise. Then muscle will be weak and the exercise ability will decline. On the other hand, more than 90% of the brain’s energy supply comes from blood sugar. The drop of blood sugar will weaken the brain’s ability. It is to regulate movement and produce fatigue. Thus, sports drinks with scientific formula must contain a certain amount of sugar. That is to supplement energy. Besides, sports drinks also contain an appropriate amount of electrolyte. Exercise sweating will cause a large loss of electrolyte. Such as potassium and sodium, thus causing physical weakness and even cramps. Sports drinks contain an appropriate amount of sodium and potassium. This can be quickly absorbed by the human body. Of course, some sports drinks will also add other additional ingredients.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks can timely replenish water. It is to maintain the normal balance of body fluids. Besides, it can replenish energy to maintain the stability of blood sugar. Also, it timely replenishes inorganic salts to maintain electrolyte and acid-base balance. And improve the metabolism and regulation ability of human body. Next are taboos for drinking sports drinks. As we all know, sports drinks aims at athletes or people who often take part in fitness. If ordinary people do not exercise for more than one hour every day. Then, there is no need to drink sports drinks. So, we can just drink white water. From the perspective of adverse reactions, unsuitable people drink sports drinks blindly. And various electrolytes in them will increase the burden on blood. Blood vessels and kidneys would cause increased cardiac load. And elevated blood pressure, resulting in stroke, etc,. Kidney function is not good should banned.

Drinks that are not suitable for drinking during exercise. Avoid drinking a large number of stimulating drinks. Such as tea, coffee, carbonated drinks before, during and after exercise. These irritant drinks do not contain electrolyte. Or the content of electrolyte is low. Drinking after exercise is not only not conducive to the body’s water supplement. But also may cause the decrease of extracellular fluid osmotic pressure in the body. It dues to the large intake of water. Speed up the loss of intracellular electrolyte. Yet, fruit juice drinks with high concentration cannot absorb by the body. As soon as possible due to their high osmotic pressure. So they are not suitable for drinking during exercise. Also, drinking white water during exercise is not safe. Because it will cause blood dilution and loss of more water. Also it leads to electrolyte balance disorder of the body.

The Temperature of Sports Drinks

It should also note that drinking ice water after exercise will cause spasm. First, the best water temperature is about 15 degrees to speed up the recovery process. Second, drinks are suitable for drinking during exercise. Also, before and after strenuous exercise. Third, white water and high-concentration fruit juice should not replenished. But sports drinks should replenished. Fourth, sports drinks should contain a small amount of sugar, sodium salt, potassium. Finally, calcium and a variety of water-soluble vitamins supplement what the body loses. And needs during exercise.

Besides, drinking white water will cause blood dilution. Also, rapid increase of sweat discharge, and further aggravate dehydration. What’s more, high sugar concentration in the fruit juice extends the time for the fruit juice. As a result, it may lead to stomach discomfort during exercise. However, the concentration of designed inorganic salts can help. And sugar in sports drinks will avoid these adverse reactions. On the other hand, the temperature of sports drinks is also particular. First, too high is not conducive to reducing body temperature and heat dissipation. Second, too cool will cause gastrointestinal spasm. So, generally it should taste cool, the temperature is about 10.

Methods to Make Coffee Drinks I

The first one is ESPRESSO drinks. Firstly, Italian steam pressurized pot. And the thickest fried coffee beans are fine grinded 6-8g. Secondly, manufacture. Thirdly, inject appropriate amount of boiling water into Italian steam. And put it into the lower pot. Then put coffee powder into the coffee basket. Finally, tighten up and down the pot, add fire, and water will rush into the upper pot for a while. Produced. Second one is LATTE drinks. Firstly, small Cup ESPRESSO 2-4 cup of hot milk. Secondly, add 2-4 or even 6 portions of boiling milk into hot ESPRESSO for production. Attention: use a higher mug to hold the milk. Thirdly, use an egg beater to foam the milk, and replace the milk to an American latte. Third one is MOCHA drinks. Firstly, add ESPRESSO, hot chocolate and foamed milk to the mug in turn. Secondly, sprinkle a little chocolate powder to produce.

Attention: the oblique mug on the wall of the Cup is the best equipment for holding mocha coffee. Fourth is Oulei coffee drinks. Firstly, hot milk and ESPRESSO inject into bowl-shaped cups at the same time. Then, the surface of coffee is with milk foam. Produced. Attention: bowl-shaped Big Cup. Next is MACCHIATO coffee drinks. Firstly, two spoons make into ice cream egg canister. Attention: choose common porcelain coffee cups and saucers. Then, it’s VIENNA COFFEE drinks. Firstly, sink white sugar into the bottom of the coffee cup, and inject hot coffee. A spoon of decorative cream on the surface of the coffee, and sprinkle a little chocolate powder. Attention: nickname “single-head carriage”. No need to stir. The last one is HOLLAND COFFEE drinks. Firstly, pour a little chocolate syrup on the surface of Vienna coffee. Secondly, produce. Attention: porcelain cups and saucers, the cups are higher.

Methods to Make Coffee Drinks II

Next, let’s talk about Cinnamon drinks. Firstly, put orange juice into a cup first. Secondly, pour coffee into it. Then, stir with a cinnamon stick. Then it’s Kangjilado drinks. Firstly, pile vanilla ice cream in the cup and inject espresso. Secondly, prepare a porcelain container for storage. Last, produce. What’s more, we discuss Almond coffee. Firstly, stir coffee and sugar. Secondly, add white rum to stir and almond fragments, and put almond in the coffee dish.

Besides, here is Walnut coffee drinks. Firstly, pour milk and coffee into the cup, then add a little sherry, next add foam cream to the Cup, and finally sprinkle walnut for decoration. Also, here comes Irish coffee drinks. Firstly, add sugar and wine, and heat the special coffee cup on the alcohol lamp to melt the sugar. Secondly, pour hot coffee and decorate a layer of cream on the surface. Attention: be careful not to blow up the cup when heating. Also, whisky can be lit in the process with blue flames. At last, let’s see brandy flame coffee drinks. Firstly, make hot coffee sweet. Secondly, cut the lemon peel into spiral shape and soak it in brandy. Thirdly, ignite the lemon peel with fire. Finally, put it on the edge of the coffee cup.

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