How to Build A Cozy Backyard with Fire Pit and Hot Tub?

Everyone wants to have their own backyard. Because firstly, they can rest in the sun all day long. Secondly, entertain guests. Thirdly, swim in the swimming pool or raise some flowers and plants. These are great, but this will not happen overnight. Because a beautiful and perfect backyard needs detailed planning and design. Of course, you also need some inspiration. We can provide you with inspiration. Today, we have collected some cool cases to share with you.

As seen from the size of the backyard, this house designs for outdoor entertainment. First, it has a large swimming pool, a large platform with deck chairs, an outdoor living and dining area, and a large lawn. Second, this is the studio O + L construction project designed not long ago in Los Angeles. Third, this house in Hampton also has a very large and amazing backyard. Because its owner asked ICRAVE studio to transform the outdoor part of its site. Fourth, change into a modern and relaxing resting place where they could relax themselves. Because they want a swimming pool and a design. That reminds people of contemporary hot spring resorts. The design studio is a quite responsible. Party B who designed and built this project to meet all the requirements mentioned by the owner.

The Modern Yard of A Family House

This modern family house Locates in Phoenix, Arizona, with a simple backyard. But, this does not mean that it is not surprising. In fact, it is suitable for this local climate and location. First, the owner cooperates with the Knob Modern Design of the studio to turn the Design into reality. Second, part of the project is to transform the backyard. The improved design has charming courtyards, bar areas and modern sheds. This is a modern family residence in San Francisco. It designed by Edmonds + Lee Architects Studio. Third, it adopts opaque dark panel. That forms a sharp contrast with the surrounding environment. And makes the building personalized. Although it locates in a small place and has a slope, the house has its own small backyard. At last, a staircase with a plantation descends to the small garden. There is an asymmetric deck and a comfortable rest area.

The owner of this House in San Francisco and Design Architects were transforming. They required to build a project like an oasis in the city. And they hope their family is modern, fresh and simple, but they also want to feel warm and enthusiastic. First, the team managed to provide them with all these as well as an outdoor version of a wonderful backyard. It is almost a comfortable living room. So far, no other projects have done in this backyard: a sunken fire pit. There is the reason for designing the fire pit in this way. Second, the architects want to create a panoramic view of the backyard. For the beautiful house they built in Malibu. Third, the hollow pit can accommodate a large group of people. Surrounded by concrete benches. This is a project completed by Burdge & Associates Architects.

Yards with Sunken Fire Pit

When it comes to the sunken fire pit, there is also one in this backyard. It designed and built by the landscape designer Jakmoss. He completely redefined the relationship between the House and the outdoor. First, the sunken fire pit locates in the center of the backyard. Also, it embedded in a raised wooden deck, which can also used as a passage through the garden. Second, there are also some special things in this backyard: a small reading lounge. Yes, there is a small hut here. The owners and their guests can relax with a good book. Third, the hut, designed and built by Board & Vellum studio, locates in the backyard of a lovely house. There are also fire pits, hot water baths and outdoor rest areas. As for the hut itself, glass walls and skylights ensure that it gets enough natural light.

The pool pavilion occupies most of the backyard. First, it brings together many cool functions. Second, it includes an octagonal fire pit, a curved rest area. A bar and dining area, a barbecue space and an outdoor kitchen. Third, indoor-outdoor transition is seamless. Another cool little detail is the hood. That pulls the smoke outside the exhibition hall to keep the air clean. Fourth, the atmosphere is pleasant and attractive at any time. This is a project completed by CG & S studio. Then, the small backyard also looks amazing. The perfect example is this wonderful project completed by Promised Path Landscaping studio. Next, this small backyard has a good indoor and outdoor atmosphere. What’s more, there is a barbecue island with a grill, a kitchen island with a sink.

Backyards in Rural Areas

The backyard in rural areas depends on whether there is open space or not. How do you design the empty space? But in rural areas, most of the backyard in rural areas are usually used to grow vegetables. Also, the backyard is generally used to grow vegetables. If there is open space in the backyard, it is usually used to grow vegetables. Besides, many septic tanks are behind the houses. What’s more, all kinds of vegetables watered by the dung in the septic tanks. Also, the use of technical wastes is environmentally friendly. And good vegetables can plant without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. However, the waste water in the septic tank is very good farmyard manure. Otherwise, the waste water in the septic tank will overflow. If vegetables and fruits plant in the backyard, it can not only solve the problem of septic tank sewage.

There is no space in the backyard, so there is no need to design it. If the space in the backyard is small and can’t use as a vegetable garden. It is also suggested to keep the original ecology as much as possible. There is no need to make the flowers beautiful. Everyone has different opinions and usage methods, depending on personal needs. In fact, in rural areas, many people can make rational use of nature. Respect nature, and coexist with nature. Building septic tanks in rural backyard is the model of harmonious coexistence. Some people will build rockeries, fountains and swimming pools in the backyard. Those are hardly done by people in rural areas. Rural people are more pragmatic. Because they pay attention to economy and practicality. And they know more about the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Yards with Ecological Pond

Having a backyard, you can decorate it. First, design an pond and a small Waterscape Garden facility that you like in the backyard. which is what many people dream of. Second, it can not only create a more relaxed space. Third, it helps to keep the yard cool in hot summer, which is also a natural oxygen bar in winter. Entering the garden makes people feel comfortable physically and mentally. Give you some inspiration about the decoration design of the garden. We are dazzled by many garden design cases. Fourth, the styles are also emerging endless. Here are some classic cases of backyard design effects with ponds and water gardens. Hope to help you.

This modern backyard pond has waterfall characteristics and large stepping stones. First, we can cross the pond to reach the rest of the garden. Second, use elements such as architecture and plants to organize courtyard space. Third, use basic techniques such as group view. Point view, borrowing view and obstacle view to create courtyard space. Besides, customized weathered steel grooves create unique waterscape in this small backyard. And increase the life span of plants, making them look greener. Vibrant and full of natural atmosphere. At last, scattered small stones lay in the rest area to create a natural and elegant environment.

The Yard with a small Water Garden

The fish pool behind the house extends along the length of the glass wall corridor. That leads to the interior master bedroom. First, the design method adopts the combination of dynamic and static. It is to introduce the beautiful scenery of the backyard into the interior. Second, this backyard garden has a spacious activity area. After enjoying the courtyard life, it is necessary to add green plants to embellish it. Third, this simple rectangular pond leads to a small pavilion at the back of the yard. It can enhance the feeling of relaxation when sitting under the shade of trees. Then, in the vast backyard, there is an extra rectangular pool with a large pavilion. At last, the whole backyard garden is full of geometric stereoscopic impression. This small pond locates beside the outdoor lounge and fireplace. That also adds a relaxing atmosphere to the backyard.

Combine aquatic plants to create a small water garden. First, a small pond with waterscape has a path from the garden to the pond, leading to the outdoor dining area. Second, the minority take artificial landscapes such as artificial rockery. And third, small fountains as the focus scenery, highlighting the emphasis of levels. The principle of choosing the focus scene is not to set too many focuses in the courtyard. Fourth, steel waterscape facilities are a part of the small pond. It surrounds both sides of the terrace. Increasing the sense of relaxation brought by the time spent in the space. Then, a small rectangular pond in this modern backyard broke the concrete terrace. Besides, establish a vertical landscape belt with the end as the end point. And set two leisure areas for the owner to rest. Also, the landscape belt dots with flower beds, sculptures, wooden seats.

Yards Used for Exclusive Rest Space

You need to provide an exclusive rest space for your elderly parents. Or you are eager to have a place where you can calm down. Write and read. Then it’s time to redesign and plan your backyard. These are amazing backyards from all over the world. First, they show that there are various forms and scales of holiday in the backyard. See which one suits your backyard best. Sydney backyard. Second, these fashionable backyard are not prepared for guests. Third, open the two doors on the right. You can see the bathroom, laundry room and a workshop storage space with lights. How many people actually like outdoor shower in their hearts?

London backyard. You can be in a backyard office like this. Do you still need to worry about work efficiency and inspiration creation? And who stipulates that the house in the backyard must built in the corner? The backyard building in London will break your inertial thinking. San Francisco backyard. Many people dream of owning their own studios. It is best to hide themselves and open the “invisible” mode. So that they can devote themselves to their artistic work.

Representative Yards in the World

But is it more practical to have a backyard where you will be invisible. Thus, this room covered by green plants is definitely a place worth yearning. First, it’s a New York backyard, Shelter Island. When you open these two doors, you will be lit by the atmosphere here. You can hold a swimming pool party and a big party here. I am sure this place will become the most popular party base. Second, there’s a Portland backyard, Oregon. This village house may seem crowded. But when the door is open, the living room goes straight to the outdoor backyard. And the skylight of the bedroom upstairs can also open.

That brings transparent sunshine and light, like living in a forest. Third, here comes a Santa Barbara backyard in California. These rough wood walls integrate the hiding place with the surrounding environment. Besides, the design of the glass door makes full use of the sea view and creates a wide view of the sea. Also, the wall can be open, and it is more like being outside at this time. Even the roof of the house can move. Fourth, here’s a Brisbane backyard, Australia. This small house is completely hidden in this tropical garden, which is amazing. The air and light of nature can completely enter the room, like a paradise.

Classy Yards Around Us

Melbourne backyard, Australia. This is a music studio. The guest room and workroom are completely independent. But they become a main body through the link between two halls and corridors. Backyard of Nashville, Tennessee. It is qualified to move the house. But this saloon car has now renovated into a cool and leisure fixed space house. The backyard of Mornington Peninsula, Australia. The swimming pool room with an outdoor kitchen and a resting bedroom are all people’s dreams. Adelaide backyard, Australia. The small house made by hand with cedar wood. This mini beach cabin, is like the stones scattered on the beach one by one.

Seattle backyard. In the case of no need for bathroom and small kitchen. This kind of cabin does not need to be very large to play a role and attract people. This kind of cabin is usually called Grandma’s house. However, you may need to verify the local building regulations and standards. Whether this kind of building design is okay. Madrid backyard. This modern house can transport anywhere. Its space is very small, like a barn, and it looks cute and small. Backyard of Portland. When the Chevrolet Viking bus abandoned in 1959 found, it was rusting in the roadside field. Now the owners have completely renovated it. Now this bus-style hotel has become one of their most important properties. The decoration full of amorous feelings. Inside contrasts with the bus, there is retro appearance. An outdoor garden escaping from all the hustle and bustle sounds like a paradise.