Don’t Touch! This Is My Acrylic Nail, Not Crystal!

The annual summer is coming again. The moment to show women’s acrylic nails has officially come. Besides buying,  what other acrylic nails can make you more beautiful?

Essential Acrylic Nails

The woman’s hand is the second face. Taking good care of our acrylic nails is essential for this face.

Are you still staying in the basic French manicure? Or the state of the Galaxy’s manicure? Come and upgrade with me. Look at the acrylic nails on the Instagram.


acrylic nails use watermark technology. It even uses artificial rhinestones to show the crystal at the bottom of the nail. With acrylic nails, each hand will be unique.

Filled with the color of acrylic nails, Rose and light pink reflected in each other. Purple acrylic nails also show their dignity. Is a high-profile girl unable to help trying acrylic nails?

Acrylic Nails with Solid Colors

acrylic nails use solid color as the base. Apply irregular white waves to acrylic nails. With tiny diamond particles added, fingers in the middle is with excessive publicity. The beauty of such acrylic nails is just right.

Acrylic nails presented on fingers like ink paintings. Thus, leaving blank freehand brushwork on the fingers. Acrylic nails thus show different beauty of ripples. Fairies who like the sense of line acrylic nails can have a try.

Do you have the same choice phobia as me? Then, just make one nail and one acrylic nails pattern. Whether it is solid color or gradient. Or whether it is rhinestone shining or smooth line. Acrylic nails offer countless possibilities.

We have already interested in this blue acrylic nails.

Tutorial on Acrylic Nails

And we also found a tutorial on acrylic nails and shared it with fairies.

First of all, we need to prepare white crystal powder.

And black oxidation pigment, amethyst sequins and nail polish for acrylic nails.


Then, mix the white crystal powder with the black pigment. And the finished product for acrylic nails should be dark gray.

Then, use the same method to call out another portion of dark gray. And add light gray pigment to make it lighter.


Mix white crystal powder and amethyst sequins.


Start making acrylic nails . Apply colorless nail polish on fingers to form a acrylic nails film.

Apply light gray to both sides of the acrylic nail.

Overlay with dark gray on the light gray edge.

Fill the blank in the middle of the acrylic nails with purple crystal powder.

Cover the acrylic nails surface with a layer of white crystal powder.

It’s like this after polishing.

Outline lines with black nail polish. Depict the acrylic nails edge with a white nail polish.

It’s a success. A skillful fairy can have a try.

If you think acrylic nails is difficult, you can also go to a professional nail salon and ask a nail artist for help.

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