Almond shape nail | nail ideas you will be asking for in 2021

Almond shape nail is an updated version of the primary round nails and doesn’t look as dangerous as stilettos. Almond shape nail inspiration came from the shape of the almonds, which have a broader base, a rounded shape, and a slightly pointed tip. Almond nails are perfect for those who still need to be able to work with their fingers. You can make nails of various lengths! Almond nails are always chic, even if you wear leggings and t-shirts. It also matches well. Now that you know the best nail shapes take a look at the best nail polish colors below! Almond or oval nails are easier to maintain longer natural nails because the sides are less susceptible to bumps and wear. Almond nails are trendy now, so you can never go wrong with gray tones. Modern like sage, periwinkle, gray rose, gray lavender, and so on.

What is the difference between almond nails and other nails? This is what we need to discuss first, then move on to the idea of ​​nail art. Almond nails are slightly thinner at the sides and broader at the bottom. They look like natural almonds. Why try this nail shape? Well, first of all, this shape offers a lot of room for creativity. Secondly, this nail shape is convenient – you won’t break as easily as stilettos. So, you have to try. For our part, we will help you discover the freshest nail art ideas that suit your new favorite nail shape.

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