40 Stunning Blue Coffin Nails design 2021 For Elegant Ladies

Blue Coffin nails are the fresh trend, and we are going to introduce it to you today. The thing is that very often it is said that all the feminine shades have mostly pinkish and red hues. When it comes to bolder shades, some may consider them to be too harsh or too provocative. Our task here is to prove to you that royal blue shades are not only extremely elegant but can also be upgraded and taken to unknown levels of sweet with the addition of other hues or patterns. It is time you learn more about this exquisite and sophisticated nail shade!

Blue coffin nails are definitely in fashion now. This trendy hue adds a pop of color to winter’s grey sky and flurry afternoons. It can be an excellent example of holiday nail art. Have you ever had the blue coffin nail polish on your nails? That can be cool and stylish. Here we picked 40 posh designs for you. You shouldn’t be afraid to wear blue polish for your nails. It will definitely make your look as bright as you wish. Blue coffin nail polish is rather simple but always looks gorgeous.

Blue coffin nails with butterfly

Nail colors vary. Why not opt for blue mani this season? It looks gorgeous not only in winter but any other season, too. Blue nails can become even more stylish when combined with butterfly shape.

There are different ways to decorate your blue coffin nails with butterflies. You can have the whole butterfly, just the wings or maybe just the pattern. These nails use butterflies in a clever way. The nails are all blue or each one is hand-painted with blue butterflies. One blue coffin nail has a whole butterfly but two nails have a wing and when the nails are together, they create one butterfly. That is such a stylish and pretty design idea. The butterfly art will require practice but you can create a simpler version of the butterflies instead.

blue coffin nails combine with butterfly will make you more elegant and younger. let us try it in spring !

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