38 Elegant Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair and Short Hair

Wedding dress and makeup are very important to create a beautiful bride model. In addition, wedding hairstyles are also crucial. The wedding hairstyle is the same as the theme of the wedding. Also, and the style of the wedding dress, which is a perfect wedding.

Side Braid Wedding Hairstyle

The simple and neat side hair is suitable for wedding dresses with tailed yarn. This kind of wedding hairstyle can give consideration to the wedding dress. Besides, and the softness of women. Add some flower accessories to the hair weaving to make you feel more sweet.

Hair/Long Curly Hair Wedding Hairstyle

The bride is wearing a tight fishtail long skirt, and her smooth and shiny hair only needs to put aside. This kind of wedding hairstyle can give off a strong feminine taste.

Match the charming wedding hairstyle with a flower wreath. But it is another different style. This kind of wedding hairstyle will highlight the fresh temperament. It gives people a feeling of nature.

Low Hair Wedding Hairstyle

Elegant low-end hair can better show the characteristics of the wedding dress. Of course, the dress is with no back. The graceful figure and noble temperament of the bride can be completely released. That is in condition of choose this wedding hairstyle.

Low hair plus a small round hat with high eaves. This wedding hairstyle with one-line collar wedding dress reflects the European aristocratic temperament.

Stick Hair Plate Hair Wedding Hairstyle

Simple hair sticker suitable for simple design of wedding dress. Because it does not have too much embellished hair styles and wedding dresses. Therefore, this kind of wedding hairstyle can highlight the bride’s fashion attitude.

Princess Hairstyle Wedding Hairstyle

Princess hair is also called fairy hair. This is very suitable for girls with round faces. Matching wedding dresses of different styles will give people a different feeling. This kind of wedding hairstyle can be noble, beautiful and cute.

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