36 Glittering Euphoria Makeup Looks That Are Jules and Rue

Every girl will experience various embarrassing events in the process of learning makeup. I am no exception. For example, lipstick and teeth, powder form color number White Wall, are all my mistakes.

In order to make novice sisters no longer take detours, here we summarize 6 common novice makeup mistakes. Come and see if there is you.

Importance of Foundation

No matter how delicate the makeup is, the other parts will look dirty. The first step to make up is to choose the right color number for the liquid foundation.

The best way to choose a color number is to try the color at the junction of the cheek and neck. The selected powder form the most natural color number.

There will also be no pale “mask” or too black color. That kind of makeup will make the whole person feel very spiritless.

The Color Between Face and Neck

There is also a small mistake in makeup that beginners often make. That is, the powder form is only coated with the face but not the neck. And that results in color difference between the face and the neck. In case it pointed out by passers-by in public, it will be really embarrassing.

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