36 DIY Door Decor Ideas for Your Front Door and Dorm Door

The color matching of the door and the floor has a great influence on the home environment. Therefore, we should focus on the door when decorating. So, what are the precautions for indoor decoration doors?

Categories of Doors

At present, the actual use function of the door has the following categories. That is, the door of the householder, the door of the bedroom, the door of the library and the door of the living room. Besides, there are kitchen door, bathroom door and balcony door. Generally speaking, solid wood doors should used to enter the door of householder. Also, bathroom door and bedroom door.

The entrance door is the facade. From the perspective of beauty and practicality, most families will choose interior doors. Those are with decorative effects. And the warm and heavy interior doors used as bedroom doors can also bring the owner a sense of safety. The bathroom door can use glass door. If the area permits, interior doors can also used. Or interior doors with glass lattices.

Bathroom Doors

For example, the designer chose interior doors for the bathroom. Then, you will feel that the bathroom is a hidden and private space. The door is closely related to the decoration style. Therefore, before decoration, there should be a clear plan in advance. You need to be clear about which room and which door to use.

The interior doors should be consistent with the decoration style of the living room. For example, if the decoration of the room is European style, then the interior doors are the same. For another example, the carved interior doors and European mirrors contrast each other.

Bedroom Doors

The color of interior doors is close to that of furniture. And the colors of doors and walls need to have some corresponding contrast. For example, white interior doors selected for the room to make the wall colorful. Only in this way can the room layered and not “flat”.

Living Room Doors

Many owners are conservative when decorating. So after they chose white interior doors, they still chose white walls. As a result, the room was lack of vitality. Many people like the simple feeling of white interior doors.

Then, try to paint the wall into light yellow or light blue. The door of this color will definitely give you a brand new space.

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