36 Beautiful short almond nails art to light up your Spring day !

Fashionable short almond-shaped nails are most suitable for crystal nails or artistic manicure, and are very popular in Europe and America. Stars also love to try sharp and gorgeous fingertips, like Fergie and Lady Gaga love this shape. However, almond-shaped nails are not suitable for everyone to try. They will definitely make the nails more slender, so if the shape of the natural nails is too large or too small, or the fingers are relatively strong, they are not suitable for this nail shape. pretty short almond nails design are just for spring nails to try right now!

If you love the look of pointy nails but, you know, need to get stuff done without hurting yourself or others, this softer version is a happy medium between style and practicality. And unlike stiletto nails, you get a little more real estate to work with, which makes this the ideal shape for nail art. Need some inspo (and a bit more convincing)? Check out these ideas, below.

Get your inspiration from the world around you with a nature-themed manicure. If your house is full of leafy plants, why not paint your nails to match? Almond-shaped nails give you plenty of space to work with, so you can be more detailed and creative. A stylish take on this trend is a white manicure with leafy feature nails. Even better for spring and summer, the pale tones in this design look amazing when you have a tan.

Gentle short almond nail art collides with sexy leopard print to create a unique spark. Come and try it!

You can keep your leopard print, but let me have my cow spots, okay? Thanks to this almond shape—which gives the design an elevated feel—farm animals have never looked so chic.

The shell that collides with the shape of short almond nails is cute and full of artistic sense. Don’t miss it if you like shells and almond-shaped nails.

Marble has been one of the leading nail trends, and it’s easy to see why. It gives your fingers a chic, understated, and artistic look – and it pops in photos. You can try out a marble design as a feature nail on one or two fingers as the pattern works well with many different colors. If you’re feeling brave, go for a full marble manicure!

Nude Pink with_almond nail is so gentle,You must try this type A. Don’t be too persistent to square nails!

Abstract lines with different colors and short almond nails can be combined into manicure with different temperament. No matter you are cute, intellectual or sexy, you can try this combination.

Can’t decide on a nail polish shade? Then a multi-color manicure is for you. Keep the color palette cohesive by opting for hues in the same family – such as pastels. You could also try a gradient or spectrum effect. One popular version of that design is pastel shades or mimicking the colors in a sunset.

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