35 Trendy Prom Hairstyles for medium-length hair

Colorful hair with medium length express your personality

Colorful hair is so versatile and adaptive that it simply does not want to get out of the fashion. To tell you the truth, this trend is so popular because it can suit everyone, and that is not an exaggeration. It does not matter what length you have, what style or hair type – colorful hair will suit you for sure! now we will introduce some colorful medium-length hair.

ou can’t call yourself a true fashionista if you haven’t considered green hair as an option. Inspired by celebrities, this vivid hair color has become one of the most popular requests made in the colorist’s chair of the latest. Unusual and eye-catching, it instantly makes you stand out from the crowd and pass for one of the most fashion-savvy gals in the area. The multitude of green shades allows almost anybody to choose the color that would fit their preferences and tastes.

When you think of pink hair, what comes to your mind? For some ladies, it’s a nice way to stand out in a crowd, while others take it as a touch of softness that adds a feminine twist. And the truth is, being the most desired trend in women’s fashion, pink hair color can be anything you want it to be.

If your skin has a warm undertone like olive or yellow, go for warmer blue and purple hues. And in case you have a cool undertone, it’s better to choose dye in cool shades of purple and blue with medium-length.

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