35 Trendy Prom Hairstyles for medium-length hair

2021 is all about the medium length hairstyles.  Everyone nowadays seems to be going crazy for medium length haircuts because the style isn’t too short and not too long.  Sometimes, we may regret cutting our hair shorter than what we anticipated but trust us when we say, you won’t be regretting it with this length.  Thinking of having the chop, but are used to having the security of longer hair? Have no fear.  This is the perfect length that you will be able to style in many different ways and tie it back.

If you do want to change your hair and are keen on a medium length style, it is always a good idea to have a photo of the hairstyle you would like.  Then once you got to your hair appointment, show your hairdressers the photo.  This is the perfect way to get the hairstyle you want. We have come up with 71 of the coolest medium length hairstyles that look amazing and we are definite that you will love them too! We have Sombre, different colors and different techniques for you to see.

Cute and elegant hairstyle

Medium and long hair can express different temperament through different levels of curl, color and style. The following hairstyles can satisfy girls who want medium and long hair and want some lovely girls very well.

The length of the lovely mid-length hair is usually to the shoulder, not too long, too long will appear a little mature. Lovely mid-length hair has a certain degree of curl, but it cannot be too curly. If it can be matched with more bright colors, it will be more lovely. Braided hair can also express the cute middle and long hair, for example, the picture of tie up a bun hairstyle below

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