35 Stylish hairstyle Ideas with Highlights for Dark Hair

However, due to the relationship between dark colors, the black hair shape will inevitably show a heavy feeling. If you want to show a light hairstyle, you can also drift the color first and then dye it as black and gray, dark coffee and other colors can bring the transparency of the starting silk. However, how can dark hair and black hair be sorted out to get rid of mediocre feeling and present fashionable appearance? There are some stylish ideas with highlights for dark hair.

Are you a brunette who wants a new hairstyle? Then you are in the right place. We have found some different stylish ways to rock dark hair with highlights. We have highlight length for everyone, including cool short hair and gentle medium hair. Take a look to find your favorite, you will be soon booking your next appointment at the hair salon.

Short and cool hairstyle with dark hair

Fed up with your hair and want a change? Maybe you want to finally be brave and try a short cut? If any of these sound like you, then Stay Glam has you covered. We would like to show you cool short haircuts with dark hair we love for 2021. Short hair can seem a bit daunting to some but these show that you can create different looks, dark hair will make you more cool and brighten your color of skin. There is a haircut for everyone, from the classic bob to edgy shaved styles. These are perfect for the ladies who have short hair and just want some fresh hair inspiration or for those with long locks who are ready for something new. Once you try one of these cuts, you’ll never look back. Take a look!

Of course, dark short hair can also have different volume degrees. The following pictures show your fashionable and cool temperament according to different volume degrees.

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