30 Classy Balayage Hair Designs for Blonde and Brunette

Balayage hair is a way of pickle, which has been popular for many years. I remember that balayage hair swept the streets and alleys a few years ago. Balayage hair with different hair colors makes people overwhelmed. Fashion is reincarnation, and fashionable hairstyles will always be reincarnation. Now let’s take a look at which hairstyle balayage hair is suitable?

First of all, for balayage hair, the effect of hair and long hair is the best! Of course, balayage hair can also matched with French bundle to highlight. And can have a roll. In addition, short hair also has different effects.

What Does Balayage Mean

After the Ombre hair dyeing, balayage hair is another wave. So, where does the balayage hair trend come from? The word Balayage is French, which means scanning or drawing. What is balayage? It has this darker color from the top of the head. Then gradually appears brighter and brighter hue from the middle.

The shallowest color will fall at the end of the hair. It is like the natural light sprinkled by sunshine. The root color of balayage hair is relatively dark. The intention is to create a sense of softness with the newly grown hair color.

Which Kind of Hair Is Not Suitable for Balayage

Is there a need for Perm itself? For example, the hair is very flat and does it need Perm to increase looseness? Or natural roll is very rough? These hairs that need to permed are less suitable for balayage hair. Because this kind of balayage hair dyeing requires color removal on the hair. Hair after color removal is not recommended to Perm.

In addition, what skin color is suitable for balayage hair? Balayage hair coloring technology does not pick hair color and skin color. As long as the primary color you dye suits you.

Balayage is only responsible for brightening skin color and hair color. In addition, the hair color after balayage will be very vivid. Even if there is no trimming level, it can look very layered, giving people a kind of hair with many prints.

Balayage Recommended Hair Color Matching

Light brown to golden platinum, balayage tea Gray are all great combinations. What kind of hair color is suitable for balayage? Brown hair is very suitable for balayage. The brown hair dyed with the same color system will be very old-fashioned and rigid. Fluffy feeling and layering feeling can only create by trimming. However, in fact, as long as you dye the primary color and then balayage it again.

Golden balayage hair will be more beautiful. Because it is no longer the “yellow hair” of yellow orange “. But in the sun there are various levels of wheat wave color. The best thing about balayage hair is that even if black hair roots grow, it will not be very abrupt. Because balayage hair can be well connected with highlight, and there is no need to always dye hair roots.

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