26 Types Nails Inspired From Harry Style Nails

Let’s face it: do not do we ever pretty Harry Styles. Since his love for Gucci’s entire music video “watermelon candy,” .this British singer has crossed the fashion and beauty revolution for hundreds of years. (Though, who was not lost to “Frat Boy Harry”?) but there is one aspect of beauty in particular that draws our attention: her nails. Regardless of whether you’re wearing a black enamel for a show of awarding or showing off-tone pastel to accommodate the Saturday Night Live, styles have proven to be one to keep an eye on when it comes to serving hands into series. Here are eight nails Harry Styles to try now.

Smiley Faces

The fans have had a preview of his latest album during a promotional video edition vinyl. When many people were exceted to get our hand album, bright yellow with a smile on his face painted his nails. It meant that fans will hurry to re-create the look by themselves. We can’t thanks enough. (Recently, there are many practical tutorials that can be completed at home.)

It was not the only time where Styles has worn this nail art. In an interview with The Guardian, which includes some beautiful pictures, Styles speaks of appointments, music, and wear whatever the “fook” you want, regardless of sex for which they dress clothes. “Thing women wear. What to wear, men. For me, it is not a matter of this. If I see a nice shirt and I said: “But it is for women”. I think: “Okay? Don’t make me want to wear it less, though. “I think the moment you feel most comfortable with yourself, everything becomes much easier.” In a picture, styles have a nail art similar to a smiley face and tons of rings.

Mixed Fruits

In honor of her second album, Fine Line, styles did reflect on his nails some of his songs as “Watermelon Sugar,” “Cherry,” and “Sunflower, vol. 6. “The manicure Britney Tokyo, note for the artistic design bold and colorful, Has created the look that the British singer showed during a performance in Los Angeles. If you’re ready to brush nail art skills, get a tool stripping and starts (or if the design does not make for you, also work some stickers inspired summer).

We should not look over the singer “Watermelon Sugar” for inspiration for manicure do. During this time, extra indoors, you are taking the issue with the beauty salons closed in the middle of the pandemic. From color two-tone to design playful, most of its look is easy to get home. We have collected some of the manicures, more do-it-yourself and iconic Harry, forward.

Pops Of Pastel

OK, it a pastel colors. (Seriously, its album is covered in shades of pink and blue.) Therefore, it should not surprise that the colors appeared a few times during 2019 and 2020. From the Show, Gucci Cruise 2020 Fashion Show all hosting Saturday Night Live, hands multi colors are constantly a staple in his public appearances.

Teal And Black Color Blocking

When it was announced that Harry Styles would be one of the guests of the Met Gala 2019. We waited impatiently to see what would for the theme “Camp”. We didn’t disappointed. While the Gucci was enough to turn the head. t has completed the look with a hand water green and black made by Long worth to add a splash of color moody all outfit all black.

Imitation Of Nails Based On Harry’s Style

According to the color and shape of Harry’s nails. Everyone in life also designs their own nails according to this pattern. Such as short nail shapes, smiling face elements, and color contrast. Let’s try it by ourselves.

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