35 Breathtaking 2020 Summer Nail Trends for Acrylic Nails and Gel Nails

I made summer nails a few days ago. Many popular styles of summer nails are very beautiful recently. I am really a flirting person. Have you made new summer nails?

This time I chose the tone of the summer nails of lavender plus light blue. With simple French style, it is low-key and beautiful. And the color of the nails also has the flavor of summer. Those who haven’t thought about the style of summer nails can read this article. I hope to give you some reference and suggestions.

Fruit Style Summer Nails

Summer nails of fruit style are really cute. If it made of bright nails, it also has the effect of crystal clear in summer. Watermelons, oranges and juicy peaches are all good choices for summer nails.

Bright summer nails can consider the style of grapefruit or banana. The combination of semitransparent will also look more refreshing.

This light green and white summer nails are also small and fresh. As a whole, it looks simple and elegant, and short nails can also controlled.

Girls with short nails can also consider this style of summer nails with gradual changes. The color skipping is very lively, and it is also relatively simple and durable.

The red and white color matching of strawberries is also a popular type of summer nails. This kind of summer nails have the feeling of Japanese style. And that is very suitable for fairies with lovely style at ordinary times.

Adding some frosted and gradient is also very good-looking. Such summer nails look more textured. I also have the feeling of cartoon and feel childish.

The bright colors of juicy peaches and carrots are also very popular in summer nails. And the peach pink and orange matching with the lovely fruit decoration also have a sense of detail.

Aurora Summer Nails

Aurora summer nails are very popular this year. Suitable for long nails or nail stickers. And, such summer nails And the butterfly decoration is also very beautiful. Such summer nails also seem to have slender fingers.

Opal style summer nails with pearls are more gorgeous. Such summer nails look more delicate and full of details.

Girls who like exaggeration can consider making laser blue and purple summer nails. It is relatively high-profile, and it feels good to take photos.

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